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  1. Don't worry. Hard to break, easy to fix.
  2. Forget the instruments and upgrade to the3DI and keep your head out of the boat.
  3. Do over. drop keel, clean good, lots of 5200 and tighten bolts so the 5200 squirts and let dry and re fiberglass.
  4. When the new boat in the fleet hasn’t won a race in 2 years and they win on corrected.. Guy on the committee boat puts up the wrong flag, has some kind of US Sailing certificate for running races. We contact race committee immediately and pull out flag that we are protesting. Wednesday night race. 2 weeks later we find that another boat protests on what we called. We never went through with it being a Wednesday and the guy who won had never won yet. However the boat that went through with the protest and got redress.. The judge who heard it was part owner of the boat th
  5. I used to sail on a Kalik 40 called Affinity. The orignal mast was 1 spreader.
  6. I I heard there was a breakout of covid at the IYAC?
  7. I would agree. Most important is a sailcomp for time before the start and heading. Otherwise keep your head outside the boat.
  8. gullwinkle


    Smiley, based on your recent comments,McMichaels should buy an ad.
  9. gullwinkle


    Drinking J kool aid!
  10. gullwinkle


    I heard that brokers had to buy the boat first from J before it could be sold. So any orders come from the brokers and that increases the false demand.
  11. Aground! Now send me my swag!
  12. That bowline is going to chafe!
  13. As a former and sometimes part time foredeck. I’ll take that anytime. The most important thing when the chute is up is to have former bowmen in the back of the boat. They will know what you need.
  14. If you monitor channel 16 the USCG will (sometimes) mention the approaching storm.
  15. There is a mast going into the original mast. May be temporary for a delivery.
  16. Just below the spreader there is some stuff by the tree line. Looks like foam or somethimg. That boat should have a double spreader rig.
  17. https://obituaries.salemnews.com/obituary/leo-fallon-jr-1079246409
  18. I worked at Wesr Marine in the early 90’s in Peabody. MA. The prices weren’t cheap but you only had to go to one store because we had it in stock. And if we didn’t we’d call around to our competitors to see if they had it and send them there. Tent sale in Newport, RI in September for foulies. 60% of at least.
  19. Sailing nickname. Gull= seagull getting things for free, winkle= as in Bullwinkle AKA Mr. Know it all.
  20. I thought it was when you get your turtleneck cut off.
  21. The 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus?
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