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  1. the size of the bracket suggestes it holds lead or gold or something...that's a lot of bracket to hold matches!
  2. but when it happens, and it will, what image will they use as click bait and will you fall for it?
  3. what if offset companionways ARE feng shui and we've been horribly, horribly wrong all these years??
  4. oh, oh, oh!!! maybe there's an electric portable, countertop bidet!! Win, win for @Ajax!
  5. @Sol RosenbergThat's a whole lota Lucy Ewing!!
  6. as to Marchand...the bruins just came back on the canucks: 2-2,3-2, marchand goal and an assist, the assist on pasernak's game winner. the 3-2 goal is a power play, marchand lures the d man farther into the left corner down between the bottom of the circle and the goal line, then he throws a nasty deke, steps around the guy and sends the pass all the way to the right side of the net for pasternak.
  7. chester


    now THAT'S funny!!
  8. that was fucking hilarious!!! Marchand is fucking hilarious. The fact that the mouthy bastard developed into such a lethal scorer is pretty awesome.
  9. Ha! The elder inflicted his personal brand of prickery for almost two decades...does that mean the younger has time committ more atrocities? Claude was a pretty damn good scorer as wellhad those years at around a point a game. he ended up at .65/game...the younger is less than 1/2 that over his first few years. Is it just me or do a couple of those "OMG...did you see what the great, magnificent, paragon, Connor McDavid did"? goals wouldn't be if one of the defenders he embarrassed had stepped up and, you know hit him? and yet Kevin Bieksa went throgh tape saying the effectve way
  10. Cinnamon, the safe word is always cinnamon
  11. but what's the square footage? a bike garage at ground level, you could rent that out when the kids are gone!!
  12. our house is a 1064 sq.ft bungalow but the basement is another 1064 so it's a fuking mansion!!. I have no need for more Nice place Ed!
  13. My Daughter built one back in 2011 when the trend was just developing. She had the plans from a site/that was pretty front and centre in the "movement". She initially believed she could put it on a lot but i quickly disbused her of that notion, at least in cities but she built it anyway. She struck a deal with the provincial trade school's carpentry program...they built it on the trailer she provided as training. then she put it in my back yard and finished it. All together they did a very nice job and it is a nice little space with loft bed, kitchen, bathroom with composter and main room
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