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  1. oars? Paddles? just how far could you paddle that contraption?
  2. i need a gender filter on the boat yoga...if the dude with the man bun shows up on deck in yoga pants, i'm out.
  3. Moved in next door, you say? Welcome to the neighbourhood!
  4. all The best to you @Shortforbob
  5. Cutting away the transom was a bold move.
  6. aww, don't sell yourself short...45 wouldn't.
  7. Well who doesn't, really?
  8. thanks, Boomer...what ever works best
  9. Ain't that the truth. If he would have just humbly and simply said "i adopted and built on this method and built a few boats, lived simply and escaped the rat race all my life, it works for me" he coulda been a hero; instead he was brent.
  10. chester


    Haunt YOU?? What about the hypnotist?
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