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  1. i watched a "women's" skate board discipline metal round yesterday...i use quotes because gold and silver went to 13 year olds and the bronze to a 16 year old!!!...girl children not women!
  2. are you kidding? I love german porn..."Jah,Jah,jah,jah"
  3. I thin it was me who ranted about soccer...sorry
  4. very philosophical Snaggs, i feel better
  5. soccer/football is the most boring team sport ever invented...fuck. 10 shots a game? what the fuck. fully 3/4 of the game is palyed between what north american foot ball would be the 40 yard lines and most of that hey are FUCKING walking...WALKING. every two minutes some stupid fuck falls on the ground and rolls around like he's been cold-cocked with a cricket bat "ooowww, tou swished me with your baggy shorts"! the goal is so big you could park a fucking Cessna in it and the STILL can't score...fuck.
  6. that was a lot better than i thought it would be and NOT just because it turns out that Kirsten Dunst has great legs!
  7. i'm likin' this rivermaster guy. y'all got potential!
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