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  1. This boat is available locally. Is it an International 14? The people are selling it because it is too much for them. Would it be a good daysailor or only an adrenaline ride racer?
  2. Looks like the CLs reside mostly in Canada. No chance of seeing one any day soon, borders being closed and all.
  3. Will look at one. Seems like the FD could work though. I just saw a video of one that really struck a chord. Will look for vids of the CL 16.
  4. Yep it is cold and the season is short, even shorter this year. I have a boat in dry storage on Bear Lake Utah and a buoy on Jackson Lake took me 4 years to get.
  5. I have been pretty much quarantined for months now, ready for a road trip if I find the right boat. I traveled 5000 miles for my last boat purchase. About the genoa, can it be adjusted or just furled in or all the way out? I think my mountain lakes have some plenty of breezy afternoons.
  6. I got a ride on a Flying Dutchman once, it was really fun. Could it be tamed down so it would be a boat to take the wife (not an adrenaline junky) out for a sail on the local mountain lake? Or would a Lightning or other boat be a better choice to be able to sail hard and take out the wife or friends for a pleasant sail?
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