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  1. As someone younger than me said "true dat"
  2. The Thin Man said "that shot came nowhere near my tabloids". Well actually, Nick Charles said that, but many people conflate the the two separate characters.
  3. Others have hit on this, but it's typical chicken shit behavior. It's not unique, but it is sad. Frustration happens. Sometimes we say/write things that we shouldn't or wouldn't without further contemplation. It happens. The more mature of us apologize. That said, insulting in public is just cowardly and a damning indication of the character of the insulter. The statements that imply that others are stupid do absolutely nothing to move things forward or towards improvement. And yes, they're cowardly too. Is leadership easy? no. Is there a set of responsibilities that come with it?
  4. PurpleOnion


    No. Just slightly bored and amused. I'll go away now.
  5. PurpleOnion


    At least that's not insulting to Catholics or Italians or Italian Catholics and it sure doesn't perpetuate stereotypes. Doesn't bother me a damn bit, but then again I don't rage against jokes that do such things.
  6. Mildly amusing story from a friend who cautioned against joining a coop board: A particularly noisy and problematic shareholder complained about the fact that the board president spoke to her extremely disrespectfully and walked away from her. She reported this to the managing agent and sent an email to the entire board. Turns out that with the required mask and a baseball cap on, she had mistaken someone else for the president and began berating him about some building issue. He told her to f___ off and walked away. She had the wrong person.
  7. Another indication that I need to step away from posting. Apologies for that.
  8. No argument there, but the point the other poster was making was to educate your daughter and give her progressive experience so she'll be prepared as the attacks intensify and get more sinister.
  9. Well said. Applies to many areas of life. Overly protected children are ill-prepared for the larger world.
  10. This was the Bronx. You know, the place that was burning in the 70's. Stories from the crowd there are usually fascinating. A visit to the infamous Bronxonia Yacht Club can teach you a few things about the world (if you define world as the Bronx as they do). One of the more interesting ones was about about the burning mentioned above. A local firefighter made the mistake of dismissively telling a guy at the scene that the fire he was so proud about wasn't anything. A week later, said firefighter had to respond to a high-rise fire at another project building and the same upstanding ge
  11. Variant on this was a friend of mine sees his buddy getting dragged across the floor by some guy. My friend intervenes and takes on the dragger. Fight spills outside. In the struggle my friend sees the antogonist reaching towards his ankle for a gun. My friend's brain commits to doing does whatever he could to stop that action. He is then beaten and kicked by at least 6 other guys. Friend is hauled off to jail just prior to being killed on the scene. When my friend's story is revealed and corroborated by bar owner and others, my friend is released and needed many months of healing.
  12. Second installment. So I would feel less guilty about bumping the thread. Unfortunately, now I feel like a woman who has her $2,000 shoe purchase spread across multiple credit cards in the hopes that it will seem smaller when viewed by a spouse.
  13. That whole situation proved one thing. You can rip off the poor and the middle class forever and the government will do little, if anything, to help them or come after you. However, if you rip off the wealthy, you will face justice. While I'm glad he's gone, how many of those that gave millions to Madoff with the expectations of outsized gains have even thought about the thousands of ways the poor get financially abused. In fact, I'm fairly certain most of the Madoff set look at the situations the poor get into and say something to the effect of "they should have known better", "if it
  14. And I apologize for my off topic reply and angering you. P.S. You do know that the words quoted above are your own, don't you?
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