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  1. ive sold a couple of boats - its never happened to me
  2. wow - above bolero has done some sea miles - two handed circumnavigation !!
  3. wow that Ylva d 70 is nice - seems good value always pleasantly surprised by the yachts of northern Europe
  4. heart rate is interesting........getting a good workout there .
  5. Thread started august 2009 - 10 year anniversary soon. still cool looking boat
  6. Lynnette much nicer than math stuff
  7. that's better - nice S4B - that low boom would keep you on your toes when tacking and gybing ?
  8. can we get back to boats.....sails are under load and seems overpowered in light breeze
  9. I like the gaff rig - mizzen seems small - is it still effective ? With soft boom - no out haul - flatten sail with downhaul and then reef?
  10. Thanks All@ maybe explains why all the rigging rig looked very neat - seems quite a tall mast for a boat its age
  11. try and bump this thread ...saw this boat at Hobart just before wooden boat festival. went thru all the boats on catalogue and couldn't find it. Put it in a different thread on SA- no one knew what design/build real nice looking boat - interestingly rigging is synthetic (dyneema/spectra) sorry, not best photo
  12. Flamingo looks nice. in fact all great - looks like a peter cole 40 in background - i think there i s one for sale now but - what sort of boat is in far background with flags down backsaty ?
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