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  1. Talking about money on the internet is questionable.
  2. The ashes suck but I find the flames mesmerizing and comforting. Gas just does the same thing all the time and doesn't throw the same heat as a mix of ash, beech and oak. Mesquite gives good heat but the house in Tucson is gladly/sadly sold now.
  3. My splitter just went down. I have 3 oaks to get through and I'm not doing it with a maul. A 24 ton splitter is way faster feeding a 50,000 btu Vermont stove.
  4. Alright, I'm not normally a fast food guy but on my way back from MI, I got a 10 piece spicy chicken McNugget with spicy sauce, fries and a Coke. It was really good. I feel dirty for getting it but glad I did. Haven't drank a Coke or eaten fast food in years.
  5. Hey, if you want to participate in a well known pyramid scheme, have at it.
  6. Was that what he said after falling down the stairs of AF1?
  7. I'm in Grand Haven and it's either normal, turbo Christians or hipsters. Weird combo that somehow works.
  8. Yeah it's a summer car that goes about 8 miles round trip. The manual wipers crack me up every time.
  9. Well, the Jeep (well, Willys) is being redone right now. Have fun with your cars. I'd upload the pics but my iphone sucks in so many ways after their updates.
  10. I did escargot with a butter, garlic, shallot and flat parsley. They were very good.
  11. That's funny. When I taught sailing, it was a heck of a lot easier to teach kids to sail than to teach the bunny rabbit knot. Getting them to get used to a big heel or flying a hull on a trap was easier than the bowline on a bight.
  12. I think it's still chained to the water heater in someones basement.
  13. I don't know enough about wildlife but I know dogs and cats really well.
  14. I don't think dogs or cats would be tasty, especially since I'm into seafood and veggies. But you never know!
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