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  1. They have a Dolphin 43 under contract. The boat was surveyed today, but seems to be moisture issues according to the surveyor. I thought that was strange for a divyincell core boat. I don’t have all the details though.
  2. I copper coated my bottoms in 2019 and they are starting to show thin spots. I probably scrub my bottom more regularly than the average cruiser, but still far from the 10 year lifespan that's advertised.
  3. Howdy, My brother and family (wife and 2 young boys) are looking for a 45’ish cat. 400k US max budget. Requirements: -Non Condomoran -not a project boat -well built -preferably US east coast/Caribbean location -preferably cruising gear already installed (good battery bank, solar, watermaker, etc) if close to 400k max budget.
  4. This is the forecast and actual conditions from a few weeks ago OCMD to Cape Lookout. Hatteras needs to be respected, but it’s not the boogie man. Watch the weather, jump off from VA Beach (Rudee inlet) if timing a small window and stop at Cape Lookout (one of the coolest anchorages on the East Coast).
  5. No, there are good widows anytime of the year. You need to watch the weather and make your own decision. I went around Hatteras in January last year and it was a non weather issue. Are we talking about getting around Hatteras or jumping across Gulf Stream enroute to Caribbean?
  6. Down the ICW? Isn’t mast height and issue for a boat that size?
  7. My last boat, (Baba 40) I sent the AP ram back to Octopus (coincidence that both used Octopus ram) when I bought the boat. I felt raped when I got the bill (they just replaced the seals) and it was a pita shipping to Canada. I ended replacing the seals again when I got to NZ on the Baba. Current boat (Crowther cat), didn’t leak when I got it, but after a couple years, has stated leaking. Seems like the seals are only good for 5 years?
  8. ????are you swimming????! A few weeks ago I went from OCMD (farther N than Hampton Roads) to Cape Lookout (just outside Beaufort) in 36hrs
  9. I’m on US East Coast...but still a PITA to ship to Canada with customs BS. Octopus sells a $60 seals kit that I bought on Amazon today. I’ll either do the job myself or take it to another hydraulic shop. The place I originally took it to wants nothing to do with it after the way he was treated by Octopus. Octopus hung up on him when he was inquiring about info. Local tech thought they got disconnected and called back and OctoPussy berated him with ‘what don’t you understand about it needs to be sent back’
  10. When I picked up the Octopus ram from my local hydraulic shop, I talked to the tech that was to work on it. He called Octopus to get some info and the guy hung up on him twice and said it’s got to be sent back to British Columbia for service! Looks like I’m changing the seals myself. Fuck Octopus!
  11. It’s a slow leak from the shaft ends where it passes through the cylinder. So I need new o rings/seals.
  12. I dropped off my Octopus hydraulic ram to a local shop and they emailed me later in the day: We can not get nay information on it, they are telling me it is a proprietary unit
  13. West 610 (caulk tube) has very nice working characteristics. It is more viscus than 105 epoxy + additive while not sagging. It’s very expensive, but a dream to work with. I keep a tube on hand as you can mix up small amounts without the mixing nozzle (for when you need less than one pump of resin + hardener) Also good when you’re in the weeds on a bigger job and need epoxy quick. 610 can be used in conjunction with 105 resin+ hardener. If you want belt and suspenders, once all holes are prepped, mix a small batch of neat epoxy and wet out core with a q-tip. Then immediately fill with 6
  14. That’s what I was debating. I replaced the seals in an Octopus ram on my last boat while in NZ. I had to have a shop break the seal between the housing and internals. Then I went back and made a mess in the salon. I think I’ll look for a hydraulic shop to do the job, as you said, at least they can bench test.
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