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  1. You can and I often do. Polarized lens tilt sometimes happens, but the Ipads work great. I'm madly scanning for a photo, but i cant find one. The most useful of the set is the mast mounted Ipad in the normal spot on the mast under the boom. I velcro it on. No issues.
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    The only acceptable answer is FOREDECK KNEELS FOR NO MAN!
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    still giggling
  4. The traveler is the fastest way to form and reform sail shape. It is more versatile than other methods. It allows the boom to be light weight. Vang sheeting seems a solid tactic, but your boom had better be heavy enough to take the side loads. Ideally the traveler is at the back of the boom. If you aren't looking for race performance other methods are good too, but the one in the OP's picture would be maddening for all but the uninitiated.
  5. How many hours did that take you to make? What's your time worth if you were to bill me for whatever it is that you do? ;>} I get it. It was probably fun and served a solid purpose as well as being hideous. I would regret that but, clearly, its impending reuse would indicate that you don't or you are a seriously motivated recycler.
  6. I would assume that too. I had a very large lifting eye years ago that was custom made with a long shank. It did not like when the 105 tipped forward (poor preparation on my part). The bolt had a 5 degree bend in it. We didn't use that again and learned a good lesson in gradually lifting the boat. I think I still have that thing somewhere in the shop as a reminder. I should probably throw it out.
  7. Affirmative. I seem to recall that J24 had to do the same but it has been a few since I lifted one of those fine shin smashers. J27 goes up on a single bolt for sure. 22 is one bolt. Most of these are removable kit, but I have seen some clever permanent eyes that the floor boards fit over. The two bolt setup is to shift the fore and aft balance point like the J30 though as you can see she had to put some stability lines to the back because her stability point is the deck inspection plate.
  8. 2 I think the lift would work more smoothly through the sea hood.
  9. And here is a J30 getting ready for single point lift from the keel. She has a heavy body with way more furniture than a 105. She has about a 3rd of her weight in the keel where the 105 has nearly half. In the Muller lift you can see the lines from the winches maintaining lateral stability. Some boats have a bow down tendency at the lift which is much more likely. One then brings a line from the bow cleats to the lifting strop to maintain the forward stability. Weve done this a hundred times on 25-40 foot keel boats. This 30 happens to have a tail down tendency.
  10. Yeah, we do this all the time. In fact the 105 is properly measured at the single point lift. Race boats hang at Bobby's all day. Yur funny.
  11. That's what we're going for. Of course if we wanted a garage THAT big we could have made one.
  12. We just cut it out. Now we can deploy divers and land submersibles.
  13. On starboard. OCS boat blindly driving down the line. Good fun.
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