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  1. Why not? Surely he won't be cooking 24/7?
  2. Should have stopped there Bill E. As we all know the answer is "no"
  3. Rail roaded and banned for life when a weathly member gets hurt feelings.
  4. Sounds like the kind of behavior we've come to expect from the national governing body. Quite happy I no longer give them any money.
  5. Booted because the worked wasn't completed or overseen by a certified builder/engineer, then threw a tantrum because they got called on their bullshit.
  6. They only just missed T-boning that boat, he must still think he's driving a VO65.
  7. Not surprised when it looked to have twice the gear and half the price of the one listed in Sydney.
  8. Careful, you don't want to end up on the list of people his lawyers talk to.
  9. Last boat I raced on full time was originally Yeoman XXXII
  10. Piece of Shit Car - Adam Sandler
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