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  1. Similar conditions to when big Oats blew their rig up a couple of years ago...
  2. I wonder if Mr Stanaway will drop by this thread and let us know his interpretation and reasonings
  3. Oats 10 (X) is the 66 which is still in Sydney, Wild Joe is the old Oats 9 (IX) which is for sale...
  4. No, they painted it grey and called it Wild Joe.
  5. Considering that boat finished the Middle Sea race less than a week ago its no surprise.
  6. People buy slow boats all the time.
  7. I think this is more of a Barlow manoeuvre if you ask me.
  8. Bit rich coming from him given the history of damaged and trashed boats.
  9. His nickname isn't "Fuck" for nothing.
  10. HB 2020 a confirmed barker then?
  11. With a few tech screws to hold the keel in place while the 5200 cures, right?
  12. You probably still believe in the tooth fairy as well.
  13. More like Phoenix collided with Beau Geste.
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