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  1. Have you tried this? It's the prop selector in the Gori website. https://www.bsidk.com/calculate/
  2. Dad's fallen off. Quick run down and grab the lifebuoy. Ah never mind, fuck dad. He never liked keeping it on deck because it made things untidy. Now we can sell this POS and but something untidy and comfortable.
  3. Nobody seems to be saying you have to get the jab. They're saying if you don't get the jab don't come and play our game at our house.
  4. Ensuring you don't have a twist in 40+ ft of luff tape can be a challenge
  5. If you use a bigger font it means you know more than those who use the standard font. Same as when you shout at the shop assistants and the bloke who cleans your car.
  6. What this thread is really highlighting is how fast Aeros are getting everywhere.
  7. He'd better check the anchor thread. He may not have the right gear.
  8. So he can't sail it, and now he can't motor it either.
  9. I guess everyone gets a choice, and they've chosen only to play with people who choose to vaccinate. Their ball their rules.
  10. The chaps in his marina aren't, nor are his insurance provider.
  11. 1195 lightship 4500kg. From the 1195 page on their website... edit with no login Perhaps there's an IQ test for potential owners.
  12. Looks like SW England to me, or possibly Wales.
  13. 2 X SSD. If the boat sinks or burns you'll probably lose them, so if it's your livelihood you need to work out how to get that data ashore regularly. If it was your livelihood you wouldn't be asking here, so one SSD will probably do. Provided is a quality one, not cheap arsed Chinese shit off Amazon. SSD, not moving part spinning disk.
  14. And Leo wants his fucking bike back
  15. No, that's a different meadow, for different idiots.
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