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  1. I thought there was a red one in Perth about 2 years ago too, there was some video posted on here I think. I just found this, from Geographe Bay race week, is this one of the east coast red ones now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcuMAHW6qBQ
  2. On your doorstep Chidz, get the moths out of your wallet!
  3. I singlehand my Ostac Tramp(20ft) it runs a fairly full masthead assymetric,its rated area is 38.8 sqm, gets quite hard to hold in excess of 20kts, I use an 75 mm ronstan auto ratchet, then bring it diagonally across the cockpit to the windward cabin top winch(a small 1:1 harken), just take 1 turn to snub it,sort of double ratchet I guess. actually steer and sheet from back corner of the wing net on the windward float, I cant tell you where the winch handle is,i haven't got a spare hand to use it, winches used as actual winches are fairly useless when you are holding the tiller ,mainsheet in
  4. Anyone got any footage of the Pulse Fleet at the recent kings Cup in Phuket, im told they had their own division. Can anyone confirm what I have heard third hand,that the Thai boats have a modification, a post under the mast step to support the ring frame,? Whats going on there?
  5. long pole helps the gybe, not having to drag the kite through, it blows through, watch an aussie 12 ft ,16ft, 18ft skiff.
  6. Evil Gnome completed the Heaven Can Wait 12 hour Yacht race yesterday/last night, lead from the first leg I think, won by a large margin , looked impressive,I'm sure he will be along soon to tell the story
  7. D Wayne G you are just an F85SR slut! Clive, Is Madhatter doing the HCW 12 hr too? Im in for the One Lap dash,Chidz is in with "Eat Desert First" too, Sprint 750 mk1. Looking good for tri racing, hope it blows! Hope yours stays together this year.
  8. Too many people and too far forward,those are very large floats,sailed right it should cope, everyone to the back and out! Short steep seas can be hard on little boats pitching them in when the stern lifts, so steering to the puffs and the swells is the secret.(I have a 20 ft Ostac Tramp, with low volume floats, so know a bit about this). Looks like they were having a blast, the speed was effortless!
  9. Nuddy, I hear one of the Pulse 600's dropped its rig at the Lock Crowther Regatta, whats the story?
  10. Them titties would be way south now Im betting, someones granny!
  11. The Market is clearly defined, and goes back 30 years, to the Farrier TT680, then Haines Hunter Tramp (Eagle in the USA), then Ostac Tramp a decade later,and all the others that have come and gone since, these are multihull trailer sailers, not off the beach cats. they can carry a load, they can handle a blow, they can be slept on if required, they tack fast,(unlike the cats) they are quite manouverable despite there size. they are resistant to capsize,and can be driven and raced hard if required. Comparison to nacra etc is completely wrong, different market different capabilities. On the wei
  12. 5hp merc longshaft on my Ostac Tramp, 20 ft 680kg, has the yacht prop, ventilates the prop in chop or swell, revs out if you go on foredeck too,could do with the extra long leg , but suspect it would drag in the water on port tack, will go upwind in 30 kts if you get a couple of bodies aft though. .
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