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  1. 85 Environmental Rules BeingRolled Back Under Trump And this is the man, the capitalist system deemed qualified to run the government.
  2. Type 'gun' and Tom appears. How's the golf cart of death Tom?
  3. All I see is a cop living in one of the most racially violent cities in the USA, saying that he has never seen any racism. Gun nuts are can be tolerated in small doses, harmless dumb cunts, But when they start on about guns to shoot humans, nuh. Not cool. They can fuck off.
  4. I did not report, but give me an opportunity, I'll be the first in.
  5. I'll think about it. Not sure how posting credible links to refute an unsupported claim can be considered harassment? I guess you haven't noticed any 'harassment' of others here? Like me?
  6. Well if this is what d'ranger reported, I support it. The insinuation is there.
  7. I'm just sticking to the facts and nothing but the facts. Vernon claiming that he has not seen any racisim in the Oklahoma Police forces just does not stack up, if he has been there a while and has had his eyes open. For every person killed there would be many other non-fatal interactions. 18. Where you live matters when it comes to police brutality. If you are an African-American/Black individual, then you are 7 times more likely to be killed by a police officer in Oklahoma than you are if you lived in Georgia. (Mapping Police Violence) Oklahoma has a history of racism violen
  8. Yep The Crazy, Cool and Unsettling Ways Police Are Using Social Media Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. If you want to successfully run an organization, you can't afford to ignore social media. That's especially true if you're a running a police department. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest: For police departments social media is as valuable, if not more valuable, a resource than it is for traditional brands and businesses. It helps humanize the force by allowing departments to connect and converse with the general public, but more im
  9. Racial Profiling Complaints Persist, But Few or None Confirmed by Authorities An Oklahoma Watch review of state reports found that every complaint was dismissed. A spokesman for Attorney General Mike Hunter, whose office includes the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement, said he isn’t aware of a single officer ever being charged with racial profiling, a misdemeanor. A law that explicitly banned profiling by law enforcement officers was passed in 2000. Civil rights groups and activists contend racial profiling remains a significant problem across the state, with numbers far exceedin
  10. Oklahoma Watch: In all cases, Oklahoma City and Tulsa police find no proof of racial profiling Over a four-year period, Oklahoma's two largest police departments and two state agencies received about 60 complaints alleging unlawful racial profiling by officers. Investigators substantiated none of the allegations, according to data obtained by Oklahoma Watch. All of the complaints were probed by the law enforcement agencies against whom the complaints were filed, but investigators found insufficient evidence that officers had treated the person differently because of rac
  11. All good here mate, having even more fun pointing out some serious inconsistencies in a "oh look at me " thread. You have questioned the unbelievable claim about the absence of racism in police services? Yeah? That supports my claims here that this thread is vanilla wallpapering in other ways. Captain America lives.
  12. Your trolling Vern. Are you sure you are working in America? So you don't know this guy then? Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Neo-Nazi Ties, Gets Job in Neighboring Police Force Bart Alsbrook resigned last year after local media outed him as the former leader of a neo-Nazi group. Now he has a new job—in the police force of a nearby town.
  13. You see this is the fucking problem. Poster carry's on with look at me shit, then when someone wants to get into some interesting discussion you fucking bail! See that's precisely the problem right there. Cliche's and stereotypes are ok but as soon as you break out of the boring shit you run a mile. Have a good hard think about that. Me? I think Vernon is wall-papering over some shit. If he convinces us, he thinks he will believe it too. Doesn't work like that Vernon. Here we talk to our mates and work something out, you should try it. We are here for you.
  14. You know this is the General Forum right? He is relating his experiences as a cop in the middle of the USA, somewhere you have never been so for the last time, STFU or I will just ignore you. Seriously dude does your life suck this much to rag on someone else? Between you and the climate deniers and Greta bashers my opinion of Aussies is going down the toilet. Well, he said to ask him anything. So what is missing in his perfect life? Why does he need to facebook this forum? Why does he need to do "Oh look at me I'm a cop!"? People are interested.
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