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  1. Thanks for this, however none available. we are back to 3D printing our own. Unlimited supply with custom face.
  2. Checked out the site above. Says “ no longer available “.
  3. Thanks for sharing.... we are currently working on 3D printer to produce new covers for everything... prototype seemed to work well and can customize etc ... colours/boat name/logo etc...
  4. Looking to replace instrument covers.. boat is in Mamaroneck, NY. Dealers in the area stretching up to RI? appreciate your suggestions.....
  5. During survey with boat in the hard, B&G auto course comp/ control head would power up but not engage wheel movement with +1 / +10 or -1 / -10 request. does the system require fluid compass/speed inputs to work? Eg. On the water sea trial... main system is H3000 B&G ACP-1 course comp Raymarine linear drive type 2S
  6. Who has a good method of bringing back to life black B&G front face etc that are now faded ? H 3000 stuff that has lost the cover starting to look like crap....
  7. Only if I won the lottery.... oh wait, that’s another thread .... Always had a crush on Pogo... don’t have the budget and that one is in the far side of the world from me ....sadly .
  8. Also following these guys with special interest as I am considering purchasing a boat that had a hard grounding. Fixed by a competent yard. I have the yard invoice submitted to insurance company.... very expensive. Yard mentioned they also repaired/rebonded voids found from the factory build. This must be a common discovery when digging into the grid. That is scary for sure. I am feeling confident that this boat is stronger, stiffer etc than the factory built boat. These kids should experience the sane outcome...... I did cringe when the keel was removed though.....more grinding wor
  9. Your J 53 would attract a buyer in Canada. Canada has a Free Trade agreement with EU countries. As long as the sellers address and the boat manufacturer is in an official EU country, then your boat can be imported “duty free” into Canada by you or a potential buyer. Would be much easier for both parties !!!
  10. Yes a very long time. Maybe price is scary. or has issues .... I hope to find out at least
  11. What’s the story with the boat posted above that’s for sale? seems like good potential with some cosmetics.....
  12. I know of one of these that might be a private sale in the spring.....30-35 K cdn ( Ontario ) great boat to cruise and race.
  13. We’re they all built in France or did Marion build some for the North American market?
  14. Yep, looks beautiful in the listing, however, am told it does not look the same today......
  15. Still on the hunt for one ... “Faith” seems to be overlooked for some reason ....
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