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  1. 11 hours ago, sailorman44 said:

    Not sure what B&G H3000 covers look like, I have NEXUS which are fairly deep. When I lost a couple of covers I made my own. Built a male and female mold, female slightly larger than the male. Waxed the mold so it would release then wetted out 10 oz cloth and draped it over the male mold. Pushed the female mold onto the mail mold and clamped. After the epoxy went off popped the mold apart and removed the new cover Trimmed off the excess and did a trial fit. Perfect fit but a little flimsy and there were holes in the corners. Made another with two layers of glass and put small patches of glass in the corners. Also, wax was not a great mold release, switched to plastic wrap, much better. After painting can't tell the difference between the plastic and fiberglass covers.

    Thanks for sharing....

    we are currently working on 3D printer to produce new covers for everything...

    prototype seemed to work well and can customize etc ... colours/boat name/logo etc...

  2. During survey with boat in the hard, B&G auto course comp/ control head would power up but not engage wheel movement with +1 / +10 or -1 / -10 request.

    does the system require fluid compass/speed inputs to work?  Eg. On the water sea trial... 

    main system is H3000

    B&G ACP-1 course comp

    Raymarine linear drive type 2S


  3. 14 hours ago, shaggybaxter said:

    Hiya B6,

    Or you could dare to be different and keep the same beam as the 47 whilst realising the benefits of a 40 WL length.

    And you get to go storming past even 47.7's at anything lower than 70 TWA.  


    I've been flat out calculating freight and insurance costs for multiple international enquiries, I thought Covid-19 was going to supress the market....   

    I know I know, buy an ad....:)

    Only if I won the lottery.... oh wait, that’s another thread ....

    Always had a crush on Pogo... don’t have the budget and that one is in the far side of the world from me ....sadly .

  4. 42 minutes ago, alphafb552 said:

    As mentioned in one of their earlier episodes, they already bought, restored and sailed a smaller boat (24' or so), they've converted a bus into a campervan to live in, and have been working towards the goal of sailing around the world for a few years already.

    So it would appear they dove into this project with their eyes wide open and are not afraid to put in the hard work and do things right.

    2 things from the videos: I'm following them mostly out of curiosity to see how badly this boat had been fucked up. They seem to discover a lot of voids and delaminations in the factory original layup, which is worrying, but the way the first repair was done after the initial grounding is absolutely diabolical! Fiberglass layup over original gelcoat, liberal applications of bondo to cover the gaping space between the frame and the hull, etc.

    Second thing is, I'm not sure what story they are trying to tell with their videos up to this point. The technical information is not very in depth till now, but they're not really going  all in down the 'look at us cute folks leading the insta-life' route -  at least  not for the time being...

    Also following these guys with special interest as I am considering purchasing a boat that had a hard grounding.  Fixed by a competent yard.  I have the yard invoice submitted to insurance company.... very expensive.   Yard mentioned they also repaired/rebonded voids found from the factory build.  This must be a common discovery when digging into the grid.  That is scary for sure.  I am feeling confident that this boat is stronger, stiffer etc than the factory built boat.  
    These kids should experience the sane outcome...... I did cringe when the keel was removed though.....more grinding work ahead for these guys.... 

  5. 3 minutes ago, 12 metre said:

    A pre-owned EU boat can  be imported into Canada duty free IF:

    "...you have to have written proof that the vessel hasn’t been entered or consumed into any country that isn’t a signee of the CETA agreement.

    If the vessel has spent any time in US water, the 10% Tariff will be imposed. This functions regardless of the registry.


    Exactly ..... 

  6. Your J 53 would attract a buyer in Canada.  Canada has a Free Trade agreement with EU countries.  As long as the sellers address and the boat manufacturer is in an official EU country, then your boat can be imported “duty free” into Canada by you or a potential buyer.  Would be much easier for both parties !!! 

  7. 9 hours ago, garyedelman said:

    For the mods, you might want to contact John Mollicone (sailing coach at Brown). He raced on a 44.7 that won it's class and possibly more in the Bermuda Race, and told me they did a number of mods, but I didn't have time to go into it with him.  John is a great sailor and a good guy, very approachable, and if he remembers I'm sure he'd share what they did.

    2014 or earlier?   

  8. On 9/26/2020 at 8:25 AM, jfdubu said:

    Take a look at a Express 35. Looks like a C&C 35, sails like a J. Made in Canada by Goman yachts, designed by Steve Killing. PHRF base of 102. Not many made but you should be able to find one on the lakes.

    I know of one of these that might be a private sale in the spring.....30-35 K cdn ( Ontario )

    great boat to cruise and race.  

  9. 2 hours ago, 42 South said:

    We owned one that came out of the French factory - for some reason, there were a number at this time that were affected by poor varnish adhesion - Beneteau paid for the whole interior on our boat to be removed and resprayed - check for any peeling or lifting of the varnish (use a bit of sticky tape)

    We’re they all built in France or did Marion build some for the North American market?

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