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  1. FIFY: a boatlength decided the Overall Trophy! * Boomer out *
  2. Nice comeback. Welcome to the old salts/farts forums (pick one) kid. The gossiping about protests is irritating though, as it cannot be substantiated as no protests are published nor jury verdicts. So a lot of grey. That could be blamed on the RC. Reading this TOR?
  3. No protests are to be found on the TOR noticeboard, nor a jury date and time setting. I presume that these would be shared with the public. The leg result is unchanged so far.
  4. So the finish breeze was not inshore but further from the coast. Bad luck for Sailing Poland. And if that boat does not tack in a minute, they will end up third or fourth with that negative VMG. They are sailing away from the finish.
  5. You have to sail in the direction of France first in order to get to Italy, looking from their perspective/ location. Bekking is doing 9,2/9,7=95% VMG which makes Team Poland pointing directly at the finish, minus 5%. That is damn good sailing and steering I can tell you.
  6. Dropping in to say hi to the punters here in the thread. I have followed the race not so close as I normally would. A new work project leaves me no spare time for stuff like weather routing which costs hours. A nice drifting fest ongoing btw. Boats being pushed back earlier by the tide, haven’t seen that in a while. Last time was the previous VOR I think, when Team SCA tried to round a cape near Brest or Cherbourg. Or the Bristol Channel start that got postponed in 2018 to wait for the outgoing tide. And very interesting to see that the good old VO fleet can leave Imoca’s behind the
  7. Interesting to read that the RC had an opinion on his heading. They should have hired me, I projected too that he would be ok. For the record, so did he or he would have listened to the RC’s advice.
  8. A total shit creek, as expected.
  9. Cremer has just sailed through the Azores heading ENE. She can't go much more north due to the sea state projected with up to a whopping 15 meter waves further up north. Windy tells her to go north, but I won't buy it. You don't go into 10 meter waves voluntary. Nor will she looking at her heading.
  10. That new LP with hurricane force winds moves NE towards Schotland atm, and she should not have any trouble when rolling forward windy. A 2nd LP will roll in after the big 1st, but it looks like she can squeeze in between both systems. A bumpy ride perhaps, but fine.
  11. Currently 7+ meter waves, rising to 10 meters later today. Back to 7 meters on Sunday, and 6 meters in tomorrow afternoon.
  12. Weather update for Sorel/Tripon I had a look at Sorel and Tripon and that hurricane force LP moving ENE, west of them. Pic #1 has the big picture with NOAA overlay. Pic # 2 current positions and ECMWF. Both have nice winds atm. When fast forwarding to Saturday with Windity and the Regadat plugin (pic #3), Sorel will be at LSDO when the shit starts hitting the fan. But Tripon would be getting 35+ winds in the Bay of Biscay. I would not be surprised if Tripon slows down to let this monster pass him. Because it would be sailing into a lee shore with 40+ winds pushing him towards it and no wa
  13. I understand his disappointment. 3 hours delta with 3rd, after sailing the globe. This VG makes history for the finish, like last VOR.
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