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  1. If you're going to do some Pacific cruising, strongly suggest you get a good GPS and check your charts and maps, as Brisbane is most definitely East coast of Oz whilst Perth is West Coast. Just 'coz we're down-under doesn't mean compass directions are reversed
  2. Watched it sail on Pittwater, Sydney NSW in the past. Yes it was fast, as you'd expect from a big boat, but shunting took forever and tacking angles were BIG numbers, so my guess is that if they kept going towards the islands, that might just be a case of "cast my fate to the winds" rather than a considered choice?
  3. There's a good article on West Marine website, link below. Depends on how much stuff you want to protect, if you moor the boat, lightning protection etc. Also depends on how much you ( and insurers) want protection. Many small tris live out of the water on trailers, often with mast down, so different problems. Ask Corsair or a marine electrical expert would be my recommendation. But then I gave up on moored boats and bought a WETA so I'm not (current)ly an expert. https://www.westmarine.com/WestAdvisor/Marine-Grounding-Systems#:~:text=It consists of the green,things are conside
  4. Have you considered talking to the sailmaker? I'm sure any sail loft would have software to answer your query. You could no doubt get a sanity check from rigging suppliers like Harken or others
  5. No, it's a fairly light weight small tri, not a Tardis nor even a Tesseract
  6. Again, so obvious, but.... I had a lot of problems when interstate sailmaker convinced me to switch from boltrope to Rutgerson slides and it turned out that the profile of the insertions of the batt cars into the mast groove did not match the profile of the back of the mast groove. OK when sail loaded up and batten loads were compressive, taken by the wheels on the batt cars outside the mast. But an absolute nightmare when the sail was not loaded and the headcar on square top main wanted to pull away from the mast rather then being forced into it. Simple replacement by round/bullet slugs a
  7. and we're house sitting at Cronulla from Xmas thru Jan, so better get your show on the road Chidz
  8. catch a Weta by the toe? yeah, in the process of doing so after selling my much loved Corsair 24 after 14 years. 120kg off the beach sounds easier than 1200kg off the mooring, just a bit wetter?
  9. For the consideration of PIL007 and Chidz: I'd be interested in joining 2 others to buy Time Machine. Being Sydney based and having grandchildren in Cronulla it would be easy enough to find excuses to do some racing there, and I'm a bit sick of hauling my aged Corsair 24 to places like Hervey Bay, Gippsland Lakes and so on to trail around at the tail of the fleet. Would be nice to keep going to places like Wangi though. email me on rivettgp(at) gmail (dot) com if interested. My sailing mate Goldfinger bought share in Dux Nutts and he hauls it around, so might be good to see a couple of
  10. Stop trying to sell Crowther multis! Video makes it look like Lake Macquarie from an F22
  11. Might stop you foiling whilst tacking when you put the ama foils in?
  12. It's looking good. Avoid antifouling by hauling out to trailer on hardstand if you can, but if you do trail from time to time but normally moor, then you need something hard and designed for trailer boats; as many of the racing ablatives ( which might be great on boats that stay in the water) will fail if allowed to dry right out, as happens when you trail the boat around to regattas etc.
  13. I must have blinked as I missed that bit.
  14. I think the big winds were at the earlier multi regatta at Chalong, mainly light winds for Cape Panwa week
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