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  1. You might have noticed that much of the free world has some issues w USA's behavior on the international stage. There I fixed it for you. Oh... and modern Mercantilism is practiced by all countries.... See Boeing and Airbus for "free world" examples. Dive into the Brits vs the EU in the Brexit debacle for some fish (eel) examples. Now if your objections are just xenophobia and yellow fever... well carry on... not much to discuss on that point.
  2. Doesn't the class association have some language about growing the sport? Adding rigs as classes seems a natural outcome and you make that point about growth. Not sure how the notion of good governance applies either. Governing documents never include a list of things that you can't do..... I guess you can argue that member's expectation is that the class association maintains a narrow focus.... but even then.... you get disputes about focus on the elite top end olympic level crowd versus the support the grass roots crowd. Was their a contested leadership election around the introduc
  3. What is the practical distance between an owners group and a class association? A builder needs an owners group for their customers and looks at the subset of owners who want to play sailboat racing as a highly vocal minority who call themselves a class association organized to promote fair racing. Hobie cat made lots of money introducing new racing boats as well as introducing new recreational boats that eventually became race boats (Waves) and the class association keeps from getting crushed and promoting racing while also being an owners group for the non racing boats.. IME, the balanc
  4. Exactly! and the language Tillerman provided is essential to keep the integrity in the game. The grey area events Tillerman speaks of would normally be handled by peer pressure... If a serious competitor continues to show up with non legal gear.... the fleet will deliver a message and things will sort out. The issue always comes up because someone on high will issue some mandate that district events MUST BE strictly class legal.... (and it will come down from on high) YMMV on whether you nip the whole thing in the bud this year before precedent is set or reprise the Hobie World exp
  5. Hmm.... 4 interest groups. ILCA sailors who value fair competition... their costs in the One design premium are sunk.... (they probably hate politics) ILCA leadership.... who value ??? the big picture of fair competition i guess. their costs are sunk in their boat (One design premium) and any costs they have in organizing the show (they do politics to manage the big picture that they value) The budget sailor who is showing up at a convenient local regatta with the fake/look a like boat who values a fun weekend..... Their cost is the weekend regatta fee. (They don't give a
  6. Better to address this question to Dave Clark.... He is building a single hander for the 21st century and has access to somebody who built a lot of boats in the 20th century for wisdom. My guess.... too hard... because of a small market spread over a huge area making community based initiatives ....eg fleet building really hard.
  7. Wess, Why do you think the Olympic selection committee gives a fig about what the class wants. It is their party and they invite exactly what they want to it. Ask the Tornado Class..... Huge class vote NO on spinnakers.... IOC.... nah... we will make a new class using the T and it will be.... End result Class has Spinakers AND next round, a new mast.... then and a new championship competition rule.. (No wind minimum for China competition). The role of the class president is to not got steamrolled and preserve as much of the class independence as he/she can get while surviving the s
  8. You raise an interesting question......A single handed boat in a sport where you react to the environment as much as the competition fits an individualist personality type.... But everything else requires collective group action and consensus... I called Wess a libertarian in the past. The libertarian Wess is me me me and the always right/never wrong/waiver or even compromise are hallmarks of a 13 year old ayn randian. All of the values he professes to desire forced him to give up sovereignty to class rules and the need for community action to get a fleet to race. As soon as the organ
  9. Gouv, I agree ... and this is the key issue. Do you see any evidence that north american consumers have any interest in a sport that requires organizing 10 others to manage space and time in their lives to enjoy? Certainly, once upon a time this was the case....but in 2020.... I don't see it and alternate models have to be evaluated. Now how you evaluate the future market is the whole ball game and only those who put up their money really matter here. The Laser powers that be DON"T HAVE THE MONEY.... so to keep the snow ball rolling onwards.. ... they must see the future as a 5o5 or F
  10. Oh wow... lback in the day.... ... Tillerman is of the grass roots.... and his buddy is one of the experienced elites of the sunfish class...... worked out well... Tillerman is still going strong! QED!
  11. oh right... I forgot... typically half baked thinking on your part ..... what part of Stuart Walker "elite olympic level sailor " is defined as the bottom up... grass roots sailor? .... So... if you don't think Stuart kept that soling fleet going at SSA for ever... perhaps you should recommend somebody in that fleet for sailor of the year for their efforts? " You grow and sustain a fleet not from the elite and top down, but from the bottom up. " is nothing but banal pablum. For all of your antipathy to the ILCA.... you fail to see how essential the top sailors are to keeping
  12. Well that is just completely wrong. You need elite sailors who set the bar at a high level, find enough competition to keep it interesting so they come out to play with the fleet and MOST IMPORTANTLY understand that the fleet sustains ONLY WHEN they worry about the bottom of the fleet and try to grow those sailors performance by sharing knowledge, mentor ship etc etc.. If you want to talk about a club ....sure... its about the bar and social scene and good friends.... tis why many yacht clubs.... stop racing and just do the supper club thing.. Stuart Walker was a member of your ding
  13. Yes, I took your question of Wess as fair. I think you are well positioned to spot some differences that would inform. I wonder what percentage of the fleet in each year were simply serious regional sailors who decided to go to NAs because you could drive there and a buddy or two were going. Basically, I suggest you participate for the competition and the comradeship and community. When I was comparing lasers to A class participation and organization... I looked for how the chessie region laser sailors were doing in the NA's in florida and was shocked at how few sailors participate
  14. This one is easy.... when the class elevates its focus to the elite ... best in the world group of sailors.... it falls out of touch with the rank and file sailor..... when the class can't speak to the most enthusiastic and lousy sailor and the gold medal world class sailor, the sense of community is lost.... and the perception is that the class and you are going at cross purposes.... so then its a matter of principle to join or not join. IME, the Viper 640 class has actually thought about this kind of world and made good choices. It is dispiriting to have to walk away from the c
  15. JimC do you really think the class officials can pull off this kind of process. Previous suggestions of this kind were met with a high amount of skepticism. Second question.... do you think the top competitors will believe this system..... or will "common knowledge led by the fastest guy at the time control the story? IMO... if they can't pull both of these big things off.... the class follows the Tornado class history.
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