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  1. Put some temporary plywood under the rear beam to keep the spray down. Working on a fairing.
  2. Turning circle is not great but not a problem. Might try dropping one of the daggerboards back in to see what happens. Like most multis it tracks really well when moving but does get blown around when stationary. The gearbox let go so looking to replace it with a 30hp. The steering didn't seem to turn the motor as much as it should so will look to improve that.
  3. Don't have a fairing yet so would be keen to see that.
  4. Didn't want to bin our old Nacra 6.0 Priority was fun without spending too much. Couple of issue are you can't put too heavy a motor on the back (we are using an old Yamaha 25 two stroke) Also you are in the line of fire for spray coming off the bows. We have extended the front deck which has helped but might fit spray rails and/or windscreen. You might consider some kind of motor near the mast beam with a long prop shaft and use the original rudders if they are serviceable.
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