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  1. didnt realize my speakers weren't working I didn't realize there was sound... im an idiot.
  2. What type of cat is that in the video for the Alphalock spot? It's a lock
  3. Very little if anything came from the inhouse engineering at Gunboat NC. Gunboat did a lot of the marketing. I don't know how much input Peter had on the concept. After the initial crash, the boat made it's way to Gunboat NC. Initially, there was a small refit to repair some minor damage and to move the foils forward. The electric motor and full battery bank were not replaced because by that point the original owner was out and soon they realized that there would be no quick buyers.
  4. gThomas73^^ what aspects of the center board make it slower than the daggerboard. If you design out most of the drag by implementing a slot filler as shown in the m23 thread are you just left with the increased weight that slows you down? Is there some other factor that I am missing? Adding all these contraptions would surely add to the complexity and weight. But it may be worth it to keep your boat in one piece.
  5. This may have been discussed before but what are the pros/cons for the daggerboard centerboard options. They each take up different spaces in the cabin. A centerboard will kick up in a wreck. Is the centerboard option heavier? I guess the dagger could be used halfway up but is that ever necessary except for shallow waters?
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