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  1. I just think he made things too heavy up high. If he does make the keel bigger and heavier he might be fine but there is really a lot of weight up high and I think all he is doing is moving some existing ballast down a bit. I hope he has had someone do a stability analysis. But I have my popcorn ready for the launch nevertheless.
  2. If you are having a pool, my $10 is on 90 degrees.
  3. My oceangoing experience is limited to one trip around Pt Conception. Well, technically up and back but that is another story. My bunk was small but my overwhelming feeling was that it wasn't small enough. I guess if I had a way to tie myself in it would not have been such a problem but as it was I had to wedge myself in or I would have just been tossed around. Point is, there are times like racing in rough conditions when small bunks are good, times when doing a charter in calm waters where large bunks are good. It kind of seems like Leo wants his boat to do both. Allen
  4. Great. Another opportunity to spend 30 hours watching someone work on their boat. I think if I can avoid watching the first episode, I might avoid watching others. I must say I never thought Leo would finish his project. I know they always take way more time than anticipated and I guess in Leo's case it must be 10x as he thought he would be able to do it himself in 2 years and he will end up with at least 20 man years. But I didn't appreciate the power of Youtube to generate revenue and keep the project going. I am in awe of what he has done and for some reason I keep watching although I
  5. Having a parrot is like having a 2 year old for 30 years. Well, longer for a bird like Pancho. Ours is smaller. Worst decision we ever made, not that I had any say in the matter...
  6. A long time ago, like maybe 50 years ago, I test drove a mini that had an Olds V8 in it. The engine didn't really fit but he got it in. My knee was at my chin when my foot was on the accelerator to give you an idea of how tight it was. I decided not to buy it.
  7. Lowering it will help but not adding any makes it more risky that he added too much weight up high. I would worry about that more than hitting a tree, which seems pretty unlikely ;-)
  8. What I would worry about it all the weight Leo put in by making everything thicker and stronger. I think he is smart to add lead and add it low. Worst case he puts it in the water and it just tips over.
  9. Obviously there are many ways you could cut it up but I don't see how they could capture 100% of the lead dust created by the saw. I think they would need to cut it with some monster metal shear.
  10. Cutting up the old keel sounds like a hazardous proposition by itself. How would you even do that? I am not sure why people are worrying about the keel falling off. It will have like 20 bolts holding it in. If it broke in half, there would be 10 bolts holding on each half. And it isn't going to break in half because it will be bolted in and can't move. This not some racer with a fin keel and a bulb held on with two rusting bolts. Maybe they call it corrosion instead of rusting in stainless but whatever... The guy worries too much. Remember how he looked when the guy told him there were n
  11. My 36 foot boat has 4400 pounds of lead with long bronze rods making up the keel bolts. There are nuts at the bottom of the lead and over the floors. There are 11 bolts spaced every 13 inches across 5+ feet. Most are two bolts side by side with a single at the front. I don't know how much lead he has but it is about as long as the boat. He has lots of room for enough bolts to hold it up. The keel bolts will definitely be in tension but the lead itself will be in compression and as long as the lower part is solid, it will hold up whatever he would add to the top.
  12. Even better, several exit holes in the pipe going fore and aft. Reduce the weight and amount of lead hitting any one spot and the problems get controllable really fast. Or even just open the valve slowly. I would think there would be someone who sees this and know how this should be done and gives him some advice. So far what I read it just go for it and cut up the old lead and start from scratch like everything he has done on this boat "restoration". This is fast becoming a replica. Is there anything original left? Anything?
  13. I think he should pour just the spacer and sandwich it between the existing ballast and the hull. But putting in a steel plate and pouring over the existing seems like a perfectly sound way to do it. He will probably recast the entire thing as anything worth doing is worth overdoing is his motto.
  14. Not an encouraging title. Wonder how it comes out...
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