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  1. Was aboard the Carter 36 Crocodile for all of the 75 Circuit. We had a one-ton match racing series beforehand; Ted raced her in this, then switched to a 2-Ton Robin for the circuit. Fun series for the one tonners.
  2. That is 25K Pounds by the way.
  3. Tantrum and her sistership both raced in NBYA (Narragansett Bay Yachting Assoc). I know the sisteship did one Newport to Bermuda. I rember one Fluke-meister race when Tantrum and our family boat Mariah were nose to nose maybe 1/8 mile apart, both on dead run with spinnaker. Everyone wondering who/ when would have the oh-shit.
  4. I was told Inflation stayed on the east coast, but never saw her after the 75 SORC. She was fast and very well sailed. I was on Crocodile for the full circuit; we won the opener,but never touched her again. As I recall, her crew pulled a bit of a horror show at the St Pete/Ft L after-race reception. Class was tough that year: Stinger, Inflation, Country Woman, Rum Runner, Crocodile, Voodoo and a few others.
  5. Jay Mosher is out west, surprised he hasn't chimed in.
  6. Yes, that's Goodwood. Kirby 3/4 Ton built by Eric Geotz for the 1976 3/4 Ton championships. Resurected her in mid 90's; won class Lake Champlain Conference a couple of times. Looks like she's been stripped of the easy stuff, but sitting there with Navtec airfoil rod rigging and a 4-port Hydraulic system. Sad end for a sweet sailing boat.
  7. They were not competitive with the Allen boats. Not just mine but a lot of others. When I sold mine I bought an older (12366) Allen, appropriately named Chainsaw Massacre, which was faster. 14520 which I brought down to Oriental was a whole lot faster. Separate issue: I need to pick your brain about Predicted Log events....will give you a call. And there's no such thing as a bad pun.
  8. Unfortunately they never hunted, but a good day sailor.
  9. Coyote Ugly was on Lake Champlain. In 90's?
  10. She was built by Eric Goetz for the 1977 or 1976 3/4 Ton Championships. Sad end for a great boat.
  11. No, but there is one for sale in RI (same guy I bought Goodwood a Kirby 3/4 ton from years ago) advertised on Scuttlebutt. I'm dry-sailing an Etchells currently.
  12. Todd, have you measured/calculated the mast height above the water (bridge issue)?
  13. No, not enough water at my dock. $113 : Lewmar 35 3-speeds; Navtec airfoil rod rigging; 4 port hydraulic system.......the list goes on.
  14. This is a crime ! I resurrected her in the mid 90's and won the Lake Champlain Conference against a mob of J's. Sweet sailing boat; 6th or 7th boat that Geotz built.
  15. Bootlegger was quick. SORC in 75 was preceeded by a 1-ton match racing series. I remember Dick Deaver was sailing her. I was on Crocodile (Carter) and we got to race against Conner, Hood, Deaver, Barton, Irwin (Voodoo:a triple dagger boarder) and others. It was a tough class that year.
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