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  1. On Urban Dictionary Thirsty means Horny. Strange name for a boat.... unless it’s owned by a nobber that is....
  2. Poor Gaetz. If he didn’t have Ginger Luckey he’d have no luck at all. What kind of a name is Ginger Luckey? Is she a relative of Stormey Daniels?
  3. Matt Gaetz and Ginger Luckey are in the headlines again. This time they apparently paid to buy a Beneteau 41.3 for $155k and someone has made off with their cash. They are saying they are the victims of “malicious actors”. They were buying the yacht at the St. Petersburg marina - called Old Pappy. They had apparently got as far as renaming it “Thirsty” with a port of entry Niceville, and had put the new name and Port on the back of the boat. Deal then fell through, cash is gone and the owner and broker have sold the newly named Thirsty on to someone else. Where the money is gone and who the “
  4. Are you saying so that if a minor merely takes a picture of themselves in the buff without distributing it that’s a crime in itself. So they could be prosecuted if somebody say, finds it on their lost phone and reports it. That seems a bit harsh.
  5. Jeez, just looked at Claudia Conway’s tiktok feed. Her relationship with her mother is absolutely toxic (could you blame the daughter). It also appears that the daughter has mental issues - references to suicide, OCD and dissociation. She posts all kinds of personal stuff about the family online including secretly recording conversations and arguments. Salacious stuff! The father George appears to have bailed. The daughter then makes a video and posts it online conducting an auction of all his stuff left in the house. Sad to see any family going through the likes of this and in public. Bad an
  6. When Donnie gets impeached and cleaned out by the banks, while she’s a bit old for tits out, can’t she go back to her career as an architect to support the family?
  7. https://www.axios.com/dominion-defamation-lawsuit-sidney-powell-trump-5e8530bc-a6ff-4feb-badd-d617eccdabfa.html Looks like they are suing Sidney Powell and considering others.
  8. I know there are quite a few legal eagles on Sailing Anarchy. Can anybody comment on whether Dominion has a shot at successfully suing Trump and his cohorts for defamation. Their reputation has been trashed by the allegations that have been made. Where I come from, allegations contained within legal proceedings and in open Court are privileged, as are statements by politicians made within our houses of parliament, or reports by media of statements made within the houses of parliament. Trump and his cohorts and his right wing media appear to have thrashed Dominion openly on twitter and in publ
  9. I have always lusted after a Porsche 911. I had one for a day about 10 years ago. It was a 993 carrera. The last of the air cooled Engines. It was a beautiful car. Very quick and really well planted...and that sound. I got the impression that the limits on it were so high that if it ultimately broke away you would be going so fast you were fucked. The only downside was the brakes I thought weren’t up to the job - probably the one I was driving. Regretted not having bought it though. They’re collectors items now. Looked into buying a 996 a few years later but was put off by the horror stories
  10. Just looking to the future, who decides on the names of US Navy ships? Will there ever be a USS Donald Trump?
  11. What I’m afraid is that he’s not going anywhere. People always underestimate the depths of his debasement. Fraudulent evidence will be drummed up. Barr will bring the case to the SCOTUS. They will hand him the presidency and no one can do a damn thing about it except scream on TV and rant on forums like this.
  12. I must say that looking at this from the perspective of an outside observer, is nothing short of horrifying. It looks and feels like democracy in the US is breaking down. You have a President that openly expressed, ever before the election was held, that he would only accept the result if he won. As good as his word, he claims he is the winner when he isn’t, and then pisses all over the election process. He has effectively destroyed the concept of a fair election in the eyes of his following by soliciting and propagating unsubstantiated allegations of widespread electoral fraud. They will no
  13. What are you on about? Don’t fall into the propagation of fake news trap. There’s been enough of that. If you have verifiable facts set them out, not “people have been asking” Trump speak.
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