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  1. PCC Richmond. https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/22459 Mostly masters so far... E
  2. Hull speed for a 4.20 is approximately 5knts. If you're going faster than that, you're planing. E
  3. Anything over 7 knots in a 420 (or a laser), you're planing. You might get over 15 but it's going to be pretty hard.
  4. https://sailingforums.com/threads/laser-radial-hyde-sail.43327/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Laser-Radial-Sail-Class-Approved-Vanguard-Sailboat/353394115535?hash=item5247ee43cf:g:StoAAOSwwnlgMQkd E
  5. Gargnano is on Garda but it's too far south for good wind in the afternoon. Usually good wind and waves in the morning but it dies down by 10am. The 2021 master Europeans was first scheduled in Arco which would have been awesome. Gargnano, not so much. E
  6. Even better, end to end it. The old holes at the top will not be a problem; you'll actually have a lighter mast. E
  7. Admiral: Get yourself a proper class legal Harken vang; you won't regret it. The one you show looks like it won't work properly while the cascading one above will definitely not work as you will run out of space. Just get the bottom part and use the old block for the upper. Keep an eye out for sales here https://sailingforums.com/forums/Laser_Sales/ , on ebay and on craiglist. Meanwhile sail with the original one. This is the only class legal thing that is actually worth buying; it works really well, will last forever and you can definitely re-sell it if you give up on the
  8. Edited version of the day https://youtu.be/0J9xJrHGkKc Approximately 27 miles. 5.5 hrs including stops. Not bad for a bunch of old geezers. E
  9. I did 14 with a full rig a few days earlier in similar conditions but pressed the wrong button and erased it so I don't have a picture to prove it. I doubt fixing the hum would make that much of a difference though. E
  10. Don't paint it. Looks awesome as is. E
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