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  1. Is there a Rimas summary on how it all ended? I got sidetracked with CV-19. Much Obliged. Bob
  2. JGTech Universal Wind Mast Head Transducer NMEA 0183 Raymarine Garmin Simrad I see a few others similar but double the price. I would need a new compatible display. Any recommendations? Much Obliged Bob
  3. Just like anything referenced to “over here” (North America) is USA....there are other countries “ over here” son!
  4. Great Thread! I have a C&C36R. I think there are 2 hulls and both are sailing. The boat is a absolutely a blast t o sail, race and cruise. Cheers Bob
  5. OK Thanks for that. Different subject for Zonker : I am checking into the GV10 (11) as a 1st time homebuilt. Your design. Are you in the Marine business? Cheers Bob
  6. Bought a lovley Bosun's chair 2nd hand. Came with (quantity two) 3 sheave blocks and 210ft of 1/2" cotton rope. Is the cotton rope suitable for going aloft? TY Bob
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