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  1. in terms of crewed events in my experience in the last 5 years, and excluding the ones i sadly didnt get to do, ie. transpac, capetown rio, bermuda, c600 trans atlantic race -seeing what the real shit is really about middle sea - sailing around active volcano, and malta is incredible hobart- iconic, start is insane fastnet, iconic rounding the rock, start is also a unique experience pac cup- not the real hawaii rip but boardshort downwind sailing to jurrasic park peutra vallarta- west coastsailing at its best marblehead-halifax-new record set, unicorn routin
  2. Maserati as has collision with floating object around 4.30 am. Damage to ama and rudder. Saw on their Instagram page
  3. I agree that thing does look like a sketchy at best. Ideally you have bracing going from right below the bunk splashed down to the footprint.
  4. spent a fair bit of time loading and unloading a yacht and a cradle from cargo ships in the last few years both with 7star and peters and May. There is a shipping company loadmaster on board that oversees the operation. From what I have seen All cargo and smaller yachts and power yachts the ships crew and stevedores do the tie down. However with a racing yacht or any yacht like my song , the direction of the pick and set , cradle assembly and securing of the yacht is completely handled by the yachts boat captain and professional crew. So I do see how P&M are coming from. And in my expe
  5. And there is a required minimum number of tie downs on each sides. We go for 12 per side and 4 to the cradle itself. And we are only 68ft. Hard to tell in the photo because often the straps are doubled up to the same ring on the ship deck.
  6. I wonder if it’s semi submerged state is because there is a cradle still strapped to it...
  7. The Company who was contracted for the shipping of My Song was Peters and May. Name of vessel BRATTINGSBORG
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