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  1. Lot of these so-called professionals looking very amateur.
  2. This is the crux of the issue to me. Up until 2007 the AC followed one particular part of our sport, that is, leadmine boats. But our sport is multi-faceted and the Cup is exploring that in the new designs. And it is following what the new generation of sailors are sailing. All new designs for the next gen are foiling from moths to cats to boards. The AC is keeping itself relevant to the future of the sport. It needs some tweaks for sure
  3. Auckland gets 1600 ships per year, that isn’t that much as it averages less than 5 per day. Where places like Singapore has a ship arrive or leave every 2-3 mins. It is just a simple question of logistics management.
  4. It is high priority for everyone. You will hear it here on SA first!
  5. hey mate. who has there boat for sale.

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