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  1. good point. unless there were structural issues
  2. enjoyed the trailer (mis)adventures. i was surprised to see that load on 2 axles.
  3. i thought i'd found every article even remotely related to the boat. but I don't recall seeing this one. nice find. where's it from?
  4. thankfully the storm veered and landed about 100 miles south of corpus. i saw at least one boat was still blown off it's stands in a 50-60 knot gust. terrorist did fine in it's slip.
  5. these pics of the sistership, popeye, were sent to me a few days ago from the new owner. i think it's somewhere in scandanavia. this is what was planned for terrorist,also,
  6. an A-frame was installed to support the deck stepped mast. that tightened up the walk-thru a bit.
  7. your friends are correct. and if you forget to put them down before leaving the slip, you'll hit something. partially extending a board under various different conditions is routine. it doesn't take much usually. the boards produce a tremendous amount of lift.
  8. there may be alot of truth in that story. i have full-scale drawings of the original chain drive system (courtesy of bruce king) that's dated 6/6/73. it's notated as being for "Al's One Ton IOR". Al, of course, being Al Cassel, the owner and builder of the boat. as Al owned Sparcraft at the time, i just assumed it was drawn up by one of his engineers. it might be your guy.
  9. along with the original rudder (which finally delaminated), i have built both a dual rudder system and a retractable single rudder which is especially functional for the shallow texas coastal area. the dual rudders look really cool, but can be real squirrelly, especially in reverse.
  10. since the boards and trunks had been cut out and discarded, i was free to redesign the board movement system while fabricating. i chose not to reproduce the chain drive system (which itself was a complete redesign of king's original system) in lieu of a simpler, but functional rope system that didn't require the clunky-looking "outcroppings". the tradeoff was about 2" of draft with board extended and only a foot of board still in the boat(about 2' previously) when extended. it hasn't presented a problem.
  11. i just responded because i just now read it, you pathetic little waste
  12. unlike yourself, i have things to do out-of-doors that involve talent, technique and time. posting on and keeping up with anonymous blogs holds no interest me. that is until someone as ignorant as yourself attacks my work and demonstrates without a doubt the you are truly a hack who would have great difficulty fabricating anything more involved than a birdhouse.
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