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    I have my popcorn out and I'm enjoying the show. Seriously guys, don't publicize your IP squabbles on public forums. Use direct email to license holders. Fighting on the internet is like dancing with your sister. It seems like fun at the time but you know its not going to go anywhere.
  2. tpb03


    Does the $50 discount apply if I buy the plans with Tyveks?
  3. tpb03


    ....with the narrow sidedecks the interior space would go from 'tiny' to a bit smaller than tiny,,,,whereas you'll gain a fair bit of sailability Here's mostly narrowed sidedecks, from the inside. I also cut away the arched bit that further restricts the opening on the stock plans.I've spent some time back there recently rigging stuff under the deck, and I can say definitively that no fun will ever be had back there by anyone older than 6. My daughter thought it was cool that the space was her size... There is not much room in there to do anything. I am starting to think that it
  4. tpb03


    one for sale in QLD if your interested. Thanks Tim(ber) and TTB, I'm currently looking for a project to build rather than buying a boat. Why are you selling? Hopefully to build another i550? I caught the bug on my last project and now have the need for speed, plus doing something practical in the evenings and on weekends makes up for driving a desk all week. I'm considering the A3 or A4 at the moment. I cant see a huge difference in either and the wider side decks of the A3 look more conformable. Also if someone could provide me with a contact for one of the Canberra boats that w
  5. tpb03


    Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback. I have had a quick look at the sites, but mostly teh builders blogs. I will mostly be datyailing and do'nt intend to be having any sleepovers, that said I will need some where to stash a portable dunny if I want the Mrs to come out. With the tyvek patterns, which configuration do they come in? Cheers One of the Tims
  6. tpb03


    OK, I'm a noob to the SA forums so please splash me. Now thats over moving on, I'm 95% decided on building an i550 having worked up to it on several smaller projects. Are there any around Sydney that I can have a look at before I make my final decision? I'm in Canberra for work often as well, and I know there are some in the ACT. Also whats the best way to go in terms of hull configuration? I'll be doing social twilight racing and taking my youing family out on weekends. Cheers Tim
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