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  1. Just found this thread. Thanks for posting your build! We did develop some "quick connect" hardware for our nesting dinghies with the idea of replacing the through bolts normally at the bottom in favor of some dovetailing CNC cut starbaord pieces. You can see some pictures of this being tried by one of our builders on a Two paw 8 build here (below link). The problem is it's really hard to get these pieces lined up juuuuust perfectly and it took more than a few re-drilled holes and various epoxy wedges/spacers to get it. So we haven't' fully committed this to the plans yet. https://messin
  2. CatFive, Thanks for the write up it was all too familiar. I hope to do one for our trip as well before it leaves my brain. We enjoyed hanging out with you at the finish. Canada was well represented this year. Johnny Mac pictured below...you're all welcome :). This sailor figured someone should probably keep a head count from shore. I hope to see you again someday. -Alan aka SOS
  3. This report says the boat was upright when found, with no sailor aboard. Everything else is speculation. Still a very tragic loss. https://www.tampabay.com/news/breaking-news/2020/03/13/search-suspended-for-st-pete-sailor-who-went-missing-during-long-distance-race/
  4. I can speak about the design. Graham and I at B&B are the designers of the Core Sound 17 mark 3 and we are overwhelmed with grief over this outcome. I can't begin to express the feeling. We designed this boat with safety in mind and it has about 300lbs of water ballast assuming it was filled. The other two Core Sound 17 mark 3s in this event continue to express confidence sailing the boat in all conditions they have encountered. Graham personally has sailed his in the event in high winds. The boat can still capsize with ballast tanks full as we have tested but it is very stiff and it would
  5. Roll call complete. Start set for 900. Best tribe name Beerdeddragon
  6. Im pretty sure he was able to borrow a mast. Saw the boat rigged outside the campground last night. He didnt leave the boat on the beach so im not sure if he'll have to launch at the ramp or if theyll let him on the beach this morning. I saw it happen and I think all the sailors around felt the loss that accompanied the sound. Ugh
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