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  1. We did the 70km Goolwa to Meningie race in South Aus in February 2021, here’s an onboard video of me and my missus on our Nacra 5.8 for anyone that’s interested, the blue sails is Marstrom 20, the black spinnaker knocked over by the gust is a Tornado, the green spinnaker that comes up on us later is a Taipan 5.7 with spinnaker and definitely is worthy of this thread. To understand what’s happening the race is from the end of the Murray river up the river, across the top of 600km square lake Alexandrina, through a creek called the Narrows, through the middle of 150 square kilometre lake Albert
  2. The fitness of these sailors is mind blowing to me, I do all of what we term off the beach distance races in South Aus and the biggest is only about 40 miles along the river and through the lower lakes, after doing that race if it’s gusting around 28 knots I’m rooted, admittedly I’m an old fart. In one race on the Nacra 5.8 my missus and I got hit and rolled backwards and over again by wind that I guess was about 40 knots in the river and I ended up washed on shore, I can’t imagine getting the missus to sail with me again if that happened out at sea taking me away from land. I take my hat off
  3. I’ve been watching it full size on my smart TV with a Kayo subscription, terrific format for TV
  4. If the technology is 30 years ahead of the game, then it’s still ahead
  5. The video is a bit long winded but gives an idea
  6. Thanks I had a couple of PM’s, roll on the end of Covid
  7. I don’t think Ray raced, I’ll post pics of the division times and names when I can get them, it was a small fleet due to being rescheduled from November due to Covid but also others pulled out due to the forecast, I don’t see much of Keith and Vicky but see most of the other people on the southeastern AJ & PA properties.
  8. When I said I won on handicap that was my beachcat division, overall handicap win was Rob Remelton on his Diam 24
  9. Nothing cringeworthy, turning up for regattas is awesome
  10. Mate can you a PM me a contact for a gunboat charter, I’d love to do that
  11. Mate it was the most brutal race I have done in my life anywhere, the forecast was for basically downwind the whole 70km but the last 20km was a beam reach in heaps of wind across the last lake, I got knocked off the side of the boat so many times in gusts just under 30 knots that we let the sails off and sat in doing near 20 knots, still nearly capsizing a couple of times. I won on handicap because I didn’t capsize or break anything. Quote of the day was my wife who’s not far of 60yo writhing around on the floor with cramp after the race, yelling out how long can we keep doing this for, I rep
  12. The Milang to Goolwa race across lake Alexandrina down the last leg of the Murray river into Goolwa, run by Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club, biggest race for trailerable sailing craft in South Aus by a long way, cats start last then race through the fleet and I try and get as many of the other boats on video as possible, was variable wind and the temperature started at about 30 degrees and finished at 45 degrees making handling the mast packing up pretty hot on the hands The Goolwa to Meningie race if tomorrow, this race is from Goolwa up the Murray river, acro
  13. Spot on, the more you tip the top the shallower the bite, I have rotating cam cleats on the ends of my beam so the line is under the tramp
  14. Thanks for coming back Smack, looking forward to some great info
  15. We have started our cracker time of year for inshore racing, a couple of days we did a 39km race around the bay at Robe, cats, dinghy’s and trailer sailers having a great time. Here’s a video In five days time we race from Milang to Goolwa at the end of the Murray river across the big lake, 49km of racing with between 100 and 200 trailerable boats. Then a couple of weeks later we do the longest race in Aus for inshore boats, 70km from Goolwa to Meningie across the two big lakes at the end of the Murray River. No covid in our state so we are sailing, giving each other shit on th
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