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  1. I use Monel rivets, they are non reactive, stronger than aluminium, weaker than stainless steel and when you pop them the head molds nicely to the mast shape. I still add duralac to be sure
  2. SA Health initially told the ABC that only workers who had returned negative PCR tests would be asked to return to work from Monday, but later confirmed some positive staff had been given approval to begin working again. "To ensure food security, SA Health has allowed a small group of critical staff who have tested positive and are asymptomatic, to continue to work in an isolated area away from others," a department spokesperson said. "These workers must remain at home and isolate when they are not at work until they are cleared from COVID." That is a town near
  3. I reckon that has to be a traveller near his feet or else the mainsheet is rigged funny to just one side of the boat
  4. I beg to differ as we all have full on starts at times and it’s all driven from leeward, none of us punters have the same speed but it is the same rules. Ben knew straight away that what happened was unprofessional ( not to say it was on him)
  5. Wouldn’t you just tell your crew to get their heads out of the boat, there are essential people like the person with their hands on the tiller that need to concentrate on the boat but there were others on that boat that could have seen the Japanese, it’s not like the Japs were doing 20knots. There was a person on that boat doing strategy ( as if that only includes one side of the boat near the start line)
  6. There wouldn’t be much to read without his posts or reply to his posts, the thread basically died when the other person started a SGP thread. Maybe start your own SGP thread so we can marvel at your brilliance
  7. That’s the worst thing you can say, of course you can see the other boat but is it the other boat you need to see, “can you see the Japanese boat” would have been a whole different outcome. IMO reaching down near the start line when you are not the bottom boat is never going to work if you haven’t got a big lead and if you have a big lead you probably wouldn’t duck down like that.
  8. Totally agree looking at the stars is awesome, I did that a couple of years ago in Nara inlet in the Whitsundays, looked down and it was all iridescent where it splashed, then looked and I could see the iridescent shape of huge fish swimming under the boat, absolutely breathtaking, in the morning I watched a guy on a SUP hooking the fish on his fishing Rod and getting towed all over the inlet
  9. Good on you for grabbing her, she looked like a good boat, just cosmetically tired and probably a bit worse by now since I’m guessing she was hardly used since I saw her
  10. Plenty of other nations glanced off various continents and deemed them not worthy of their time to do any more, plenty of evidence that the Chinese got to Aus before Cook and decided it was a shithole because they were off the western Australian desert coast. Difference is that Cook looked a bit harder and put the effort in to chart what he could.
  11. Yes they changed the name of the school to sound more upmarket once my mates and I left the area
  12. I’m guessing you went to Taperoo High as well
  13. Zombie house and boat on seafront land, I’ve known it for 50 years when it was parked there with no pine tree, the house would be worth a million if it was maintained, note the wood between the upstairs windows is mostly gone
  14. That’s the one they got given to them by the guy that tried to sail it from Adelaide to East coast in January 2020, has a kitchen in starboard hull
  15. Is the boat in Tom’s yard the one he purchased in Aus about 10 years ago
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