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  1. True story in January 2020 a guy purchased this cat in Adelaide South Australia, he set out to sail to the East coast with a lady friend that had never sailed before, they ran into unseasonable big Southerly winds so were beating into big waves, he was sitting outside steering, she was curled up in bed. They made it to Robe South Aus, he gave it away in the supermarket and walked away from it, even had 5 full cans of fuel for the outboard still on it. A lady from Robe Sailing Club was walking through the supermarket and said yes and that was it
  2. The televised experience would be a lot better without the current commentators but with sailors experienced in these races. There’s enough of them now that aren’t on the water, sure they won’t sound polished but during the lulls in action they could be discussing virtually anything from the past or future of this racing instead of the inane fill the current ones utter at times and they would get more polished as they get more experience in commentary.
  3. You can see it in this video on the port side of the sail, it doesn’t shake around, for good form I have it pushed down during distance races so it’s obvious I’m not using it, if I was going to read it I would slide it to the top hole and it would face out from the sail
  4. I’ve used a Garmin map 76 for about 10 years, I wrap shock cord around it tight just under the screen, the shock cord then goes through the two holes on the sail in a Nacra 5.8 down haul system and clips together with sister clips. It’s still not super user friendly. When I wanted to be able to see the data, I wrapped the shock cord around the mast tightly with sister clips and it holds position fine, obviously only visible on one tack but if you want it above your main sheet blocks and be able to manually swivel it side to side it could be done.
  5. Yep I totally agree that we are going to have to open up but at least we have held off long enough to get a bit organised, people like me still working but living with underlying health conditions involving chest and lungs will have to modify our behaviour and travels. That’s why I purchased the 28ft trailer sailer and am probably out of going to National titles, interstate regattas etc.
  6. Maybe we can agree to disagree, yes people with covid are coming through the border but in South Aus we mostly wear our masks and check in, you can’t book into a motel without a mask or checking in, we social distance while shopping, as far as I know we haven’t got any community transmission here. When we did have the same outbreak as NSW with community transmission we had a total lockdown for seven days and beat it. For our state it seems all it takes is seven days proper lockdown early, social distancing and masks but NSW never had the will to do a proper lockdown at the start, just like oth
  7. What do you mean don’t be cocky, our Prime Minister stopped Chinese coming here straight away including telling WHO they could go jump, the American president, said business as usual, maybe try drinking bleach and thanked the Chinese for being so helpful. Roll forward to now and if the Americans had followed our lead they would have about 12,000 deaths now not well over 600,000 so effectively they have slaughtered 600,000 of their own people through inept leadership and then that crazy says we are a totalitarian society
  8. haha yeh we can’t afford to kill off 600,000 Australians like America has but a segment of Americans put a different value on life, we have lost only 1044 to covid by slowing it down enough to ramp up our medical system.
  9. We run 10 to 1 on our Nacra 5.8 cats with boomless square top main sail, the sail can be managed with 8 to 1 but with a tapered mainsheet and 10 to 1 when you pull on the main sheet you pull the sail in without pulling the traveller towards you. There has been a lot of development of boomless sails with the new decksweeper sails and I would be surprised if you couldn’t get a sail made to suit what you want. We have a series of clew holes but most people just use the same middle hole on a 5.8, yours being a development sail could have a series of holes in the clew plate to give you a way of tes
  10. I was so lost last Boxing Day without the race, I think the sooner the antivaxers die off the better, I don’t know anyone that said that’s sad when that unvaccinated mid thirty’s woman died and left all the kids behind, it’s the only way that nationality will learn. Maybe start something like a Cannonball Run in Sydney Harbour and whoever evades the navy, police, SES, Customs, etc at the borders and manages to sneak up the creek in Tasmania to the end wins. If you get that race up and running I’ll go as the doctor
  11. NSW couldn’t handle a two week lockdown in winter to control the virus, it’s laughable to think there will be any control in NSW at Christmas time, the good people of NSW may not be in lockdown at Christmas but I doubt they will be crossing any state lines.
  12. The engine area is designed so all servicing is done from the front or starboard side, there is an internal compartment wall close to the motor on the port side, the deck is about 8 inch space above the highest point of the motor, there is a big open space behind the motor that a really skinny person could wiggle into with the motor in place by going down the starboard side. My plan is to clean off the inaccessible areas and your tip of using a degreaser is a good idea I was overthinking it, put sikaflex on the panels, slide them in and push them against the surface with a bit of wood until th
  13. G’day I’m soundproofing a tight engine compartment that I can’t get to two sides of without taking the motor out, I’d like to spray the inaccessible sides with a strong gelcoat cleaner, then pressure clean off prior to adhering some soundproofing panels. I have some Septone “Drifter Hull Cleaner and Stain Remover” that I used on the outside of the boat to great effect but the marks it left on the anti foul have got me worried about spraying it near the motor. Would splashing ( not direct spraying) this on a 10hp Yanmar , prop seal, shaft, electrical wires, during pressure washing in a tight co
  14. Epic boats that fit in with cats in a mixed fleet environment on and off the water, first rule is drink lots, second rule is it takes a lot of time to change rigs so start with a small rig so you can sail all day instead of giving up early. Do you know how many masts, sets of sails came with the boat
  15. The best part about SGP is the rule changes, in earlier America Cups the race was decided in the prestart manoeuvres and then the race called in the court hours afterwards. In SGP racing there’s no one in court proving they were scared into making a tack 300 metres from the other boat. These boats are going so fast with apparent wind changing so often they have to have options open to them and to say it’s obvious they wouldn’t use one mark or the other is just hindsight as the slightest wind change or sighting of wind on the opposite side of the course would change which mark they went to. Rai
  16. The Ross 780 for sale in Goolwa South Aus is an older one that’s been fully refurbished, has a wardrobe of sails and fits your budget, it was nearly mine but I went for headroom and a seperate head for the boss so got an RL28. The RL28 is raced in South Aus, they are not super fast but they are comfortable
  17. Thanks for the replies, I’ve got onto someone that has some sound deadening panels left over from building a submarine and I reckon the Navy concentrates on noise, so I’m going to use those panels, that’s a good tip about the automotive paint, I’ll look into that as well
  18. I’ve been trying to find SR1000 in Aus but can’t find any, it’s $160 freight from US anybody know of a place in Aus that sells it
  19. Thankyou for the replies and as far as current sound insulation goes I’m starting from about as low a base as you can go, except the engine is mounted on good rubber blocks and there is no vibration. There is a big gap on one side of the motor that is open to the rest of the boat, which I’ll make a new side panel for and do the sound treatments before installation, as I can tab it from the outside of the compartment, the moulded stairs that cover the front of the motor are just the original fibreglass again I can apply the sound treatments to that easily. I will have to give thought to the air
  20. What do you think about doing the surface that faces into the boat, the deck above the motor is very thick and I can paint about half the side walls. I’m considering having a go with this paint and then putting insulation over the paint. I’m happy to do sound readings for each step to assess it accurately. I just need to find an easy ( cheap) way to measure the db’s.
  21. I’ve been following this thread closely since I’ve just purchased a RL28 and had the mast up and down once now. On my boat the previous owner mounted pivot points like side stays on the cabin either side and level with the mast pivot point. I tied rope between them and a point just above head height on the mast, these kept the mast dead straight coming down, I had the boat with its rear facing into the wind so the wind helped me by taking some of the weight instead of working against me pushing the mast harder on me. My wife stood way out in front of the car with a long halyard and lowered it
  22. These are great replies both the positive and negative experiences. I have heaps of room around my motor, like about a foot all around with no soundproofing unless you count fibreglass hull and steps that cover the front. There are big gaps around the motor. The inside of the hull is like an echo chamber, when I’m on deck standing above the motor and the wife comes up the companionway the sound is noticeably quieter. Just the reply saying small box coverings got me thinking of compartmentalizing to making a space for spares and tools that would further deaden the sound
  23. In the last few years I’ve gone down the path you want to do, I sail a Nacra 5.8 beachcat mostly so I did the week long Day Skipper course on a 44ft Jeanneau to get my qualification. For my first family sailing holiday after research I decided to go with a near new 45ft cat in Croatia, it came with skipper and hostess, I believe just the hassle of getting a stern to mooring in a busy harbour, talking over the radio to someone who speaks a different language to arrange the mooring position, then dealing with the people that tie the boat on for a price (much lower price for a local) is soon cut
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