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  1. 24 for me. Child if the ‘60s here. Anti war protests, pro civil rights marches, Kent State grad.
  2. China took the gold in women’s air rifle
  3. pockets of them are everywhere
  4. Her stupidity should make her constituents mad
  5. And therein lies the rub. An educated opinion requires some level of education (not indoctrination) which seems to be in painfully short supply in some circles.
  6. So now they are going to recount the recount. “ new vote recount was ordered by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann last week. During this separate count, the 2.1 million ballots are expected to be tallied again via high-speed paper counters to check Cyber Ninjas' work.” https://www.yahoo.com/news/republican-official-stood-original-vote-045747369.html
  7. And the legacy of the Confederacy lives on 150 years later and still might destroy the nation. Let’s hope that the MAGA types have much less staying power
  8. If lying to Congress is a crime then congresscritters lying to the American people ought to be a felony just short of a capital offense
  9. If they weren’t sold as new boats 10-20 years ago, they can’t be sold as used boats today.
  10. Go a step farther. More kids in public school than 2 at the same time, you pay a surcharge on your property taxes which fund the schools.
  11. I will freely admit that some Olympic sports make little to no sense to me. Example being rock climbing. But beach handball takes the cake. WTF?
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