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  1. There may be some examples of someone doing such a thing and being forgiven after becoming a democRAT...but I don’t see any examples of it happening in the real world.
  2. Perhaps someone with relevant experience and a background in the field would be a better fit than an actor, for such an important position. There may be some relevant recent examples of what to expect when electing someone with no experience.
  3. Black folks with the audacity to suggest, let alone demand that they be treated as equals have always been the violent and dangerous ones, whether they are sitting in the wrong section of the bus, going to the wrong school or walking across a bridge.
  4. I agree that it is irresponsible, but I need to hear it from the jurors as to whether or not they knew about Rep. Waters' comments before reaching a verdict or an impasse. The motion for mistrial would have been argued and discussed with the jury out of the room. I would be surprised if the jury were not instructed prior to trial to avoid watching the news until after the trial. It is imperative that Officer Chauvin receive a fair trial. I think he has. The Judge has been careful to keep stuff out of the record that would open pathways to appeal. This verdict will not be decided on the s
  5. Rednecks gonna storm the nation's capitol to beat some cops, try to find some congress critters to kill, and shit on the seat of our republic? Or poor black folks in Minneapolis gonna grab some Air Jordans?
  6. Indeed. How about you give us a quote showing what she said in its entirety, in the name of accuracy.
  7. Uh oh. Context. The glue that keeps goalposts from jumping hither and yon. Drat!
  8. Biden threw them the relief money from Maria that had been tied up for some unknown reason. https://thehill.com/latino/549074-biden-administration-releases-8-billion-in-disaster-funding-for-puerto-rico
  9. I have no problem discussing opposing viewpoints, I just refuse to let someone else control how I invest my time. Interacting with someone who is only there to waste my time and sling bullshit is not a discussion.
  10. That absolutely was a great race to watch. Vettel just looks done. At this rate there won’t be much discussion at the end of the year about George taking Valteri’s spot. It will be a foregone conclusion the way Bottas is going. I’m not sold on Ferrari yet, but I don’t see who else can challenge them for the fourth spot. I’m just happy to see Red Bull and Mercedes so close to start the season. It feels like the last few years were lost because Red Bull started slowly and became competitive as the season progressed. They do not appear to be throwing away those points this year.
  11. Fight like hell. To a bullshitter, that is nowhere near the incitement as be more confrontational.
  12. Rep. Waters’ mistake was giving the bullshit machine and the bullshitters who repeat it a way to change the topic from the cop’s knee on a man’s neck for 9.5 minutes.
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