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  1. Rogain is just another bullshitting grifter.
  2. So how high did the conspiracy go? At least this high:
  3. Another long shot: CA Supreme Court Justice Leonora Kruger. She’s only 45, so she has an advantage over the 50-something’s, and would be the youngest Justice confirmed since Justice Thomas. The democRATS quite likely realize that it is in their interest to seat judges who are younger than those coming up through the Federalist Society’s Supreme Court training track. https://www.scotusblog.com/2022/01/profile-of-a-potential-nominee-leondra-kruger/
  4. And Scalia was the Italian American choice. It’s all just Foxtrage.
  5. Watch and see how close it is to the responses to the choice.
  6. They don’t have to use bibles. They don’t even say “so help me god” anymore. They just have to swear to tell the truth.
  7. 4B30155C-3E12-4864-9192-B0032A5BA2EB.webp
  8. She’s just a fucking asshole, which should get her through a primary for any publicity office for which she might want to run.
  9. This woke cancel culture is just awful. Can’t we just stick to banning books and passing laws to keep teachers from talking about things that make white boys feel bad?
  10. Some folks can determine right and wrong by determining right and left. If it’s democRAT it’s wrong.
  11. He doesn’t like it, so he doesn’t inhale.
  12. We could settle this much faster if we had one strongman running the show and making all the decisions about who gets prosecuted and how. A lot of people wanted to replace our system with that brand of efficiency. Rep. Raskin definitely was not one of them. He is definitely dropping some hints. I look forward to reading the Committee’s report.
  13. Or they could go with the Cheech and Chong insanity defense. “I was crazy about that girl!”
  14. The despair angle is just another line of disinformation by people who want to weaken our country by dividing us. I won’t participate in it. In the context of this thread, I will say that the 1/6 Committee has committed to having a report to us by summer, to tell us what happened on 1/6 and who was responsible for it. That’s all the time I will invest today on topics involving what we are not doing.
  15. I don’t invest time guessing about what the DOJ is investigating until they tell us there is an investigation. We should not know everything they are doing. I don’t play the despair and disinformation game.
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