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  1. guys, i have no idea what happened to it. i will look again.
  2. yeah man, wish i could donate more! and i appreciate the nice thoughts for my funeral - bahahaha!
  3. i have just disabled them. may take up to an hour. let me know!
  4. nobody. i hate it but it generates decent income. i am going to ditch it as i know they are fucking obnoxious.
  5. That is one helluva cockpit!
  6. Okay, that's different! What is it?
  7. i thought so too. that little x boat sure is a handsome devil.
  8. No such thing as free. One can only imagine what it would take to try to make that pos into something halfway decent....
  9. I say that if people are dumb enough to spend half a second paying attention to anyone who is dumb enough to post complete horseshit on this topic, well ya kinda deserve it. Now having said that, give me other reasons to flick someone and you know that I'm not shy with the scythe. Hell, I'm permanently holding one!
  10. Why abandon? keep heading for port if or until something happens. premature.
  11. Haha. Yeah, i guess the 2 Flying Tigers, Melges 32, GP 26 and Shaw 650 were all so horrible, i finally saw the light....
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