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  1. if you are just now getting your first boat, offshore cruising should be the last thing you are considering.
  2. As fake as the "hair" on the Orange Dotard.
  3. pretty sure her bf came to her rescue and told the cops everything was fine.
  4. alleged drunk chick calls the police from her car in the parking lot at sdyc that same night, claims someone drugged her, then when the cops do come, refuses to get out of her car for nearly 3 hours! cops finally say fuck it and leave. that's all that i have heard.
  5. does it sink when you stop pedaling? looks exhausting.
  6. How long can it be until Scuttledbutthole praises is for it's "artistic creativity"? When you're on the payroll, you do what they tell you.
  7. We hit 22.7 in our first Flying Tiger 10m in 32 true. It felt like the world was coming to an end...
  8. Keith Leitzke just sailed into Kaneohe Yacht Club in his Cal 20 after a 4-1/2 month round trip voyage down to his favorite cruising grounds just south of the equator. Magic looked a little worse for the wear as she sailed in. Anarchist Noodle. Comments?
  9. 50% deposit with order, balance upon delivery. Period. And 100% pre-payment for dickhead customers
  10. There so many douchebags - male and female - who just fucking do their best to act like assholes.
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