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  1. Yep, but that's not Freefall, at least I hope not! Freefall had a sexy window.
  2. I sailed one for about a year - it was called Freefall. Everyone thought it was a dog, but it wasn't. Put all new Sobstad Airframe sails, some good peeps and we won a lot of races with that thing. One of my fav boats from back then.
  3. We're documented and we fly the Cali flag off the stern of A5. Besides, the flag of Dumfuckistan has been hijacked by the Magats. I did occasionally fly an Impeach Trump flag until he got impeached...twice.
  4. There is a faint, yet tangible, feeling that the wind might be starting to go out of the sails of two of the world’s oldest and most celebrated sporting events. By coincidence, we have had a pair of significant announcements within the same week. In New Zealand, authorities quietly conceded that even allowing for the impact of COVID, the last America’s Cup lost them a truckload of money. A few days later the International Olympic Committee, meeting in Tokyo, awarded the 2032 Olympic Games to Brisbane, a minor Australian state capital. What’s the connection, and why does this
  5. i guess that's why they call them transpac 52's...
  6. Editor


    We just noticed that the J/V 72 Lucky, which was on its way to winning Div 1 and 3rd overall has come to a screeching halt - from 17.0 knots to 1.7 knots - with about 30 miles to go! The boat has broken its rudder and has retired from the race. Isn't this normally where an emergency rudder comes into play? Track here.
  7. Chris Winnard. His handle is Snapper here.
  8. So Mark, what's the latest?
  9. Ss sends me content separate from the forums. I know this was promotional, but i thought there was enough in it to run it. As for the rest, I'll let ss annswer.
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