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    Looking amazing back in the day...
  2. The the sad end to one of the greatest old school maxi taxis is a total bummer... Discuss here.
  3. My parents had a Cal 29 when I was younger and it was a really good boat. Loved it! Just fyi...
  4. well thank christ they have grumpy mr. know-it-all as olympic exec dir....
  5. there's no story at all and if there was, don't you think you would have heard it? the boats and races are cool. think you can say the same about coutts, ya cunt?
  6. they released that after the cat was out of the bag, douche. i couldn't care less about credentials, especially since it was one of our correspondents, not me. but of course that's what people like have to try to bring up for what? so you can 'own' me? better try harder next time.
  7. how is that article being a cunt? busting them for an attempt at a bullshit deception? you did read the part where they refused us credentials, right? next time you wanna bitch, bring something besides this weak shit. go read scuttlebutthole. sounds perfectly suited for you, where the irony that someone who actually is a cunt pretends he isn't one - bahaha.
  8. JFC! I have no idea how that happened. Fixed. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Well Team Disney may be making hey - I mean wind - down the course to Ensenada (or is it Dana Point or San Diego?), but we'd guess the rank and file ain't. This pretty awful shot by Anarchist Brian shows the 'wacket (and apparently a ghost ship) off Carlsbad. Maybe I should run out and say hi?
  10. What a fucking fool. And i am calling bullshit on this sentence in particular: A number of professional astronauts have already signed up to join Stowe and his crew on their next analog missions. There isn't a sane person who doesn't look at this band of morons and walk right the fuck away
  11. well of course it's true. i miss you greatly here. yes, two large apertures, actually! i think i've done a good job keeping it going. fortunate to have the high quality contributors that we have. this saying might apply: "I may not be as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was"
  12. we have offered it but not on the scale that we should. i thought dc wanted us to do one on splendor, which he is trying to sell, but then didn't. i'm busy just keeping this place above water, and it is difficult to dedicate a lot of time to it but it is worth a bit more effort in that regard, without question.
  13. you are far too kind, seriously. but thanks for big ups!
  14. congrats on the most irrelevant and pointless post here.
  15. thank you. yes, we forever miss clean's contributions and if there was more money in what we do, he'd likely still be here, but there just fucking isn't. i think we've picked up a lot of slack with ronnie simpson, shanghai, anarchist david's work, and between what the community contributes and what i do, i rather like our fp mixture... as for hobot's thread i have no fucking idea what happened to it - i certainly didn't touch it. will see if we can recover it....
  16. again, thanks. we'll do them every so often... We are going to do one on A5, just to show some of the things we did do it.
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