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  1. Looks very nice. I doubt the 900kgs though. Very difficult to achieve
  2. That is only the case for the F-22 and F-32 plans. The F-82 and F-85 ( and I think also the F-9 ) are built using Central Mounting Modules , plans for which are included. So, if buying a set of 22 or 32 plans make sure that the beam mounts are included …
  3. The pics above are actually my old setup. I extended the arm on the tiller to accommodate a TP32, here in action for the first time VID-20210520-WA0009.mp4
  4. Make one yourself. It's not that difficult
  5. I like their filling boards and used these extensively when fairing my F85SR. For sanding I prefer rigid torture boards. Easy to make with some ply and a length of timber. Or you could use a 3M board. These are very light
  6. On my F-85SR I will install the CV-7RM with 180 degr honeywell sensor on an N2K with B&G instruments this winter. I'll know how the combination works next year :-)
  7. Indeed. I had a hard job of finding out how to do it as well. Couldn't find any info on the net either. In the end I doubled the edges back. I knotted the doubled back edge with dyneema lashing thread. That was quite a job, took me 160m of thread and a lot of time for the 6 nets. I then reefed a 10mm line through. I made sure I had some room for play , but I was still surprised by the amount of slack that has appeared after just a few days of sailing. Except for the outer edges of the main nets I knotted all attachments individualy.
  8. And ( trailerable) trimarans fill up that gap quite well
  9. How was the hobby-horsing on that boat? I've seen a video of one dancing around quite a bit and wondered if it was just a coincidence or a regular occurrence
  10. Well, pacice mentioned that he is building one. As the design emerged 10 Years ago and no plans have been sold since 2012, I doubt that there are many builders anymore. AFAIK 6 have been completed now, which is about 25% of plans sold.
  11. Thanks mundt. No kite yet. It's planned for next year. Not a masthead though, but a tad lower.
  12. The outboard is mounted on the starboard side. It's a 9.9 yamaha extra long tail, manual start. I did look at a lighter 6hp engine, but was afraid it would not have the power to head into strong winds and the short, steep wave pattern that can exist on the IJsselmeer.
  13. It's either been blowing 6-9 kts or 6-9 bft ( mostly the latter ) but yesterday I was able to have another sail in light conditions.
  14. You’re welcome. It’s always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes :-) Enjoy the build!
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