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  1. true, just checked, beyou, Costa and le diraison neither, sam, ari and Alexia are still too far south
  2. interestingly JLC hasn't crossed his own track yet, consistent with his tactics to sail shortest routes in this edition I'm not sure if he's the only one not to cross it and was to lazy to check it out
  3. agree to that boris coming into port will be livestreamed on ndr today from 14:00 (13:00 UTC): https://www.ndr.de/sport/mehr_sport/Vendee-Globe-Die-Zielankunft-von-Boris-Herrmann-live,herrmann480.html
  4. thanks, I should listen to the video again, this time more carefully
  5. still, they could have plotted against germans, using spanish boat to cover up traces
  6. I wonder what about possible outside assistance in Boris' case? I understood him his sails and shrouds were entangled with fishing boat cranes, is it allowed in this case to get help from fishing boat crew to set him free again? or he made it himself anyway? Bernard Stamm's case comes to mind and the rules were/are pretty rigorous on the other hand I hope he hasn't received any help or the rule doesn't apply if he has, I was really gutted for him and rooting for him all the way, not to mention that I've been living in Hamburg for five years and hoped that the win comes this time in HH
  7. for me it still seems that bestaven takes the trophy... just my two cents
  8. and he should be fast on starboard tack again, right? ca. 50 miles to sail on starboard and ca. 70 miles on port
  9. they've just said they are not sure yet trying to get more info but it's hard because their source is Boris himself
  10. I mean you didn't fuck up entirely, just a bit
  11. but distance to leader should be smaller than indicated in the tracker because leader has to gybe thus having more to sail than the crow flies and bestaven goes straight forward to the finish as the crow would fly(: so if he keeps his performance, then he could win, but not "now"
  12. only two months ago I was thinking Louis Burton's penalty was not going to cost him in such a long race, and now it could cost him win, but most fascinating he still might be winning
  13. good point, I haven't payed attention so far, but it seems that it makes sense now
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