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  1. Hey 4th place, did you ever do anything to your Laser's motor? I've sailed on another boat w/ the OB in a well and thought it was great. We're going electric - so I'm thinking of a pod, and possibly a retractable pod. 

    I'll do all the work myself and the boat's on a trailer so the only real costs are motor related (and PHRF :)

  2. So we've just picked up our new mini-cruiser! This is going to be a huge change from our 41' ketch, there's no oven, no fridge, no shower, no heat. The trade off is that we're extending our cruising range. Down below there's the 4 berths and a porta potty, so this is most certainly camp-cruising. We're planning a boom tent to cover the huge cockpit. I see this as an economical version of what http://anasaziracing.blogspot.ca/ are doing. The boat is a 1983 Pocket Rocket 22. (so I can't seem to post a dropbox pic??)
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