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  1. While there are plenty of good NZ sailors I doubt there's the money for that.
  2. I think it's important to recognize how difficult it is to make a good AC broadcast. The broadcast team is dealing with a lot of technical complexity. (2 helis, 6+ onboard cameras per boat, geographically separated commentary teams, a complicated graphics system, etc.) Sailing is a really tough sport to broadcast, and putting this together has been a ton of work. Kudos to the folks that pulled it off. A few suggestions that will hopefully find their way to the people putting together the next AC broadcast: Regarding the audio: It would be nice if the broadcast had us liste
  3. There's no point in Deano loosing it now. If anything his patriotic duty would be to make it to the finals and loose to ETNZ.
  4. The class rule requires a fairly large (> 40 m^3) watertight volume. That watertight compartment must have been breached by some failure of the hull.
  5. As a sailing coach that would be my preference if I were caught out like that. Then in the worst case there's only one kid in the water that needs saving.
  6. Given your budget I'd go with a B&G Triton setup + a Velocitek Pro Start if you race bouys. Since these are lower end instruments there are some limitations you need to know about. In my experience with both Raymarine and B&G triton systems the Heading and Apparent Wind data are accurate once calibrated. The limited number of calibration points means that the BSP can be made accurate for low and moderate speeds but will be a few knots off at planing speeds. Raymarine seems worse in the calibration department due to fewer data points that can be put into the tables. The true
  7. Clearly they took some design inspiration from the fastest gliders they could find... Flies like a brick.
  8. I think the code 0 only makes sense in situations where a touchdown would be inevitable in maneuvers. The extra area should help the takeoffs but isn't at all beneficial once the boat is foiling. I wonder how draggy the zero is when it's furled?
  9. You can get the live feed from the AC website working through a VPN. You just need the VPN to route your connection through a server somewhere else (e.g. Canada) where the AC feed isn't geo restricted.
  10. Wow, that was a seal clubbing. LR have a lot of work to do.
  11. 5mm single braid dyneema will do the trick nicely. It's easily spliced and cheap enough that replacing it in 3-4 yrs shouldn't be an issue. I'd recommend that you use a different color line for the top and bottom. It makes the bow's job a little easier.
  12. I've had the opportunity to sail on both. here are my thoughts: The FT10 is a much better boat if you're planning on sailing shorthanded or cruising. You can make the FT10 comfortable for a long weekend. Compared to the Hendo the FT10 has a simpler rig, with non-overlapping headsails and a single backstay (as opposed to runners). You also gain get some maintenance benefits from having a ten year newer boat. The non-overlapping jibs last longer, and you only need two of them (Light, Heavy). The boat's narrow beam and deep keel make it less sensitive to crew weight than the Henderson.
  13. $40k would be on the low end for sails. A main alone is over $10k. Jibs are $6K+, Spinnakers are 5-6k as well.
  14. I found a Farr 39 ML listed on ebay (not my boat) with a starting bid of $8k. Looks like it needs a big refit (all gelcoat needs replaced), but there might be some value there if someone wants to do the work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Farr-39ML/264563007119?hash=item3d992f1e8f:g:R1oAAOSwAGxd7n2z Does anyone know the history of this boat? I think it's the one mauri pro sailing owned.
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