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  1. Met a friend for lunch once at Ted's Montana in Manhattan, and lo and behold Ted himself was there. I found out the next day that he was in town because my neighbor (like literally 4 houses down from me in the suburbs) had passed away. Sadly I was relatively new to the area and did not know him, but he was part of the crew on Courageous. Ted flew in the remainder of the crew for the funeral, which I thought was pretty neat.
  2. Finding a 0.5 mm acetal sleeve may be hard. You can probably eliminate some of that play by replacing the bearing in the hull. I did this last year using a bearing sourced from McMaster Carr. See: https://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/128/1338 I'm assuming here that it is a simple flanged sleeve bearing ...
  3. It's been a while since I did this but I don't recall it being too difficult. Once I contort myself into position under the cockpit I can sit there and just put a small funnel in the opening and go slowly.
  4. What's the forecast over the next 24 hours? As of right now, Crux is in the overall lead on IRC. Would be a hoot to see them beat Ichi on corrected, even if they wouldn't get the pickle dish for it.
  5. The manual also covers the SD50. The references to changing lube while in the water only apply to the SD50. For the SD20 just look at Section 6.1.1. Removing the fill cap in the upper case assembly will help the oil drain once the lower plug is removed, but it is all one cavity.
  6. One chamber. Drain from the bottom, fill from the top.
  7. Crux may actually be lighter than Azzurro. It is the former Blondie and may be the lightest S&S34 ever built (which is sort of a funny phrase when you think about it, as these are not exactly light boats for their size ...).
  8. Which would put two S&S 34s in the top 4 ... They do have a wee bit left to go though.
  9. Not quite. Leaderboard says it is a deduced position based on the last signal they received from the beacon. I hope this means that they have reason to believe she is still racing and just isn't sending out a signal, and not that there is an issue.
  10. Leaderboard says no report from Law Connect, so could just be a glitch with the beacon?
  11. Thanks. I've owned the boat for 13 years. Understand the cost issues.
  12. Looking for recommendations for a yard that could do a complete gut job/re-design of the interior in an early '70s plastic classic 34 footer. Other than the engine and the electrical system (which are both in good shape), pretty much everything else would be removed and the interior re-designed somewhat. So I am looking for a shop that can give some thoughtful effort to the interior design issues, as space will be tight. The boat is in the NYC area, so someplace not too far from there would be preferable, but could also deliver it farther afield if need be. Goal would be to have this work d
  13. Yup. They re-sprayed mine because they weren't happy with the first go round (neither was I). Still gets lots of comments 5 years out of the shed. Used Awlcraft S&S Blue, not the Awlgrip version. Easier to repair, but a bit softer. I've been happy with it overall.
  14. Stars & Stripes Blue with a silver cove stripe
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