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  1. Mine is set up slightly differently than all pictured so far, in that I have two legs, but then the line that tensions them goes through a cam cleat on the boom that is a few feet back from the gooseneck, so it sort of acts like a third leg. Seems to work well and when loosened I can pull everything up to the mast to get it out of the way.
  2. I just replaced my babystay with dyneema, using the lower fitting that was pictured. I went with the cow hitch since it seemed to give a bigger radius. Not sure it makes a difference though, but this was how Selden pictured it.
  3. Think I might have gotten these pics to load this time ...
  4. Condolences Ish. It's been a tough year for issues like that. My Dad is 91 and had a stroke a few months into Covid. I'm finally going to be able to travel to see him for the first time in a year and half, in about 2 weeks from now. He taught me how to sail and I was the only one of his 4 kids to catch the bug, so we did a lot together over the years, including cruising from the Chesapeake to Nova Scotia, with an epic, double-handed passage from Lake Bras D'Or to Nantucket in October one year. He tried to give me the family boat when he couldn't handle it anymore, and I felt terrible in t
  5. This was, to me, one of the interesting results that came out of the Golden Globe Race. Several cases where it seems as though these well-regarded "seaworthy" but heavy, full-keeled boats tripped over their own keels in a big, following sea. They couldn't go fast enough to slow down the relative speed of the waves, but they weren't towing a drogue either, so they started surfing until they wiped out. Would have been interesting if they had some similar era fin keels out there.
  6. Just swing the crane over and Bob's your uncle.
  7. I'm in the midst of this myself. 34 foot tiller steered sloop that is relatively heavy but well balanced. I have serious space constraints below decks so couldn't easily fit an octopus style drive, so I went with a DD15 from Simrad (fabricated by Jefa and is essentially a Jefa DD1 with a rudder sensor mount added to it), which will be controlled by a NAC-3 autopilot computer. I did have access to the rudder post so I pulled the rudder this winter and had a keyway cut in it for the tiller arm (fabricated by Jefa). It has been a lot of effort but I'm looking forward to the finished product.
  8. I repainted with Awlcraft Stars & Stripes blue about 5 years ago. Couldn't be happier -- it's a great color. That J is way too light to be S&S blue. I went with the Awlcraft, not the Awlgrip. Similar to Alexseal.
  9. I am replacing my lower rudder bearing as well, which is a simple flanged sleeve bearing on a 1.5 inch stainless steel rudder post. Looks like the old one may have been acetal. The replacement is going to be Rulon LR. Similar to UHMWPE in terms of water absorption.
  10. Remove the commas and you've almost nailed the price too! (Just move the 8 up a little)
  11. I do this too, but it seems like with a vertical windlass you don't have this option any more.
  12. You will probably need multiple conductors to get all the functionality out of one of the LED tricolor/anchor light combos. My recollection is that the LunaSea required a 3 wire solution to get all of the features to work (tricolor, anchor, strobe), so just check the manual before you commit to re-using the windex wire.
  13. Anyone have real world experience using a combo chain plus rope rode with a windlass? I'm currently running about 50 feet of 5/16 chain with the rope directly spliced into it. I like this combination for where I normally sail and am thinking of adding a windlass. Current candidate is the Maxwell RC8-8, which claims to handle this combo rode well, but I am looking for feedback from folks that actually have such a setup. I don't want a capstan on top of it, and don't want to have go all chain if I can avoid it.
  14. I have this one from LunaSea: https://www.lunasealighting.com/product/led-navigation-fixtures-and-bulbs/tricolor-ais-fixture-no-ais-interference/ Very happy with it. 5 ounces.
  15. I just went through this process. The manual says something about keeping the bearings in an open raceway so that they are self cleaning. I think there were 72 cylindrical bearings and 36 little ball bearings. I was glad I did it in my basement where everything was contained, and I still got to exercise my vocabulary.
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