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  1. got it. i liked the "kinda similar to Kenny" followed by "yeah, not really"
  2. interesting stuff Dave. Talk to Neal about his days at ML
  3. the great thing about DIY propane / NG projects is that after the explosion the inspectors usually can't find the culprit in the rubble hole
  4. skip's daughter and son are still around and might have some info. last i heard Tim was in middlebury vt - but that was a while back.
  5. That brings up an interesting point about the cost of campaigning back in the day. I know this has been endlessly litigated on the SA forums so I ask forgiveness for bringing it up again. In the Bay Area we had a dentist named Dr. Irv Loube. Not a plutocrat or CEO of a major corporation just a prosperous dentist. He campaigned a series of yachts named Bravura that, by SF standards, were pretty grand prix. For example the Frers 46 did the SORC with a crew that was some of the finest we had to offer. Chris Corlett, Bob Billingham, Eric Baumhoff, etc. I think he also had a pretty hot s
  6. Who was the designer? there were many gems, with many designers this particular one is a kaufman
  7. this is a good series if the games started an hour earlier, I might be able to keep my eyes open through the end of the games
  8. it has been much more entertaining to watch than the news
  9. Because that's worked in the past. well written laws have always worked interpretations have not
  10. interesting sidebar - reading about the construction of the panama canal, I learned that when teddy visited, he was the first president to leave the US while in office carry on
  11. While I do not disagree with your first point, your second point will be moot when the SCOTUS moves right and people begin to lose rights. You know damned well the evangelicals/fundamentalists are just chomping at the bit to overturn Roe v. Wade. THEY will be thrilled to go to court. It's THE most important thing, for them. you're not getting it. make it specific law, not some 9 person interpretation that has a possibility of being overturned
  12. it's really pretty simple - take the other two branches, then write and pass better laws learn the lesson most intelligent people have already learned - stay away from court
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