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  1. Well I started sailing at 10 because of my Dad. But I got hooked when I did my first overnite race at 13 the Newport to Ensenada with Denny on White Lightening. My Dad did the same race on a different boat the Dust'em. We ended up finishing overlapped at the finished and I was hooked for life. I still race with Denny 35 years later. We have won Cabo's and Puerta Vallarta Races together on his current boat Blue Blazes. WIll be curious what hooks my kids they all sail littlest starting sabots oldert twins racing Bics, sabots and lasers. The twins always talk about an Opening Day race they
  2. I have worn exclusively Musto for the past 20 years or so. I have had always had good luck with their quality. My gear usually last 5-6 years before it starts to get the wierd delam wrinkles and by then they have a few patches here and there anyway. Have done both MPX and HPX gear. My issue right now is I ordered from Musto shop it got stopped at customs in US duie to no manufacturer address. COuldn't get a hold of anyone until Must US in Annapolis said they would handle it. Now my gear is being shipped back over to Must store so nothing for me.
  3. Batten stuffer and a cheap snorkle
  4. Donated. Wishing a quick and complete recovery.
  5. No I would assume it was site not already frequented by SA readers
  6. White if its same one I mentioned earlier....
  7. Looking like the slower boats (us) may get caught up in some lighter wind down at the end. Hopefully we are ahead of it.
  8. Yeah it is looking a like a bit of battle to get out of the SoCal bight and into the offshore breeze but after that looks like a spectacular sail. I like your routing there hope it is accurate haha I heard one the boats that pulled out to do the alternate race has had rig damage and won't be sailing at all for a bit.
  9. I'll be stopping in Cabo leaving Saturday or is that not an option
  10. I have to wonder if the change in start dates was to appease this group or becasue of this group. We now have RIO100, Payewacket70 starting same day as SC50 and DK46. COVID social distancing via finish distancing or capitulation to outside agitators haha?
  11. Oh I never would but its a nice thought! Just like I never race overnoght in So Cal without a drifter no matter the forecast.
  12. Looking like we may not even need to bring a jib! Currently showing about 15 hours for a J125
  13. I guess this one is a lesson is shit doesn't only go South in breeze poor prep can lead to trouble even in light air. Did a Cabo on boat no water maker took bottled water only against my advice. Ended up very slow and reached go /no go and had to drop out while in first as we would not have enough water to get to the end. Two years later asked to do Cabo agin on the same boat. Promises of water maker being installed for the race. Race arrives no wate maker don't worry we put the bladder back in have more then enough water. I ummed and erred but had a great crew and figured it's a Cabo wah
  14. I think there is a big difference between bouy racing with 10 then going home or to a hotel or out to dinner then coming back together again for another day of racing then there is getting on a boat with 6 offshore for 4 straight days
  15. Not true. You are required to have negative COVID test to get on a plane flying into the United States not if flying within Mexico. I see less COVID risk in Cabo race then alternate race. But risk of getting stuck does exist if you are flying to San Diego instead of TJ.
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