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  1. Fun boat did a Charelston Race Week on one. At the right price would be a good local racer.
  2. fan


    My $.02 Nobody gets into professional sailing to get rich. We all started doing it because we thought we could make enough to survive while doing something we love. I can almost guarantee you will find professional sailors messing about on boats even when they are not getting paid. I think that is an enthusiast.
  3. Not because he was innocent. The facts are shocking.
  4. What does the 52 Super Series have to do with Ocean Racing? Just ask Bella Mente boats built to the edge for bouy racing don't go offshore they fill up with water too many holes in the deck.
  5. I race on the owners J-125. It appears to be well rigged and I am sure it is in good condition. Sorry don't have much more then that.
  6. THanks Boy Scout. It really shouldn't be this difficult to interpret these rules. But what would we argue about if it was simple haha Yes we looked at the GS as a "Heavy Weather Jib" but opted for #4 for 3 headsail reaching.
  7. Stinky will just respond to this. THe picture showed a Genoa Staysail so the discussion was about staysails hence the use of the word. If its a light headsail as you state wouldn't that mean it has to be tacked on center?? If its a small/light headsail it must be on center if its a light staysail it can go anywhere the question is if a GS is headsail or staysail your answer clearly shows it is not a clear answer or are you saying they were not compliant. Alos notice I did not use the word cheating anywhere because I do not believe they were at least on purpose. Hence the discussion to cla
  8. I guess it depends how you identify the staysail is it a light staysail or is it a small headsail. Is a GS made of a heavy jib cloth with battens that doesn't furl a Small headsail or a light staysail? I would classify it as a small headsail but maybe I am wrong. I just don't think it is as cut the dry as you make it sound in giving me shit about needing a better understanding of ORR. • Small headsails, including inner forestaysail’s, are those having an LPG less than or equal to 1.1*J. Sails in this category must be tacked on the centerline of the boat. • *Where the largest hea
  9. My understanding is that in ORR you must tack a staysail on center. The picture of Warrior Won showed an non ORR compliant arrangement.
  10. Yeah I was sitting at the table with Jeff during this discussion. After the answer that there is nothing political about the move. My suggestion was to rephrase the question "Since the math clearly doesn't support the move how do you avoid the percetion of it being politically motivated?"
  11. We don't start until Friday and we are next start. Looking then good though
  12. I believe you are right but with GFS showing one going North and the EC showing two going North East at the same time I'm still gonna keep an eye out. It will all become clear in time looks interesting way out though.
  13. "Indeed. I can remember back in the day, my grandfather would take me on his monthly rounds of Boston bars and fundraise for the IRA. He wouldn't talk to me for months when I showed up at his place with a Unite Ireland t-shirt on it. My dad took a verbal beating from him but all he said to me was to not worry about it and wear the shirt with pride. Good lord, was just doing the math. That was over 50 years ago!" Yes clearly this all about sailing not politics I was so very wrong. I thought you were "Out of here" anyway. Liar
  14. You mean political discussion in a sailing forum? I agree
  15. Intersting activity down south on the EC model Thur next week. Still pretty far off but one to keep an eye on. Damian
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