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  1. John, I was going to go the self tacking route on my Sprint mk1, and Chidz was kind enough to email me pics and part numbers. However, i ended up going to 2:1 jib sheets. I added a Ronstan jib car with a Harken 57 block with cam and becket to each jib track. Then used a continuous jib sheet. I can now adjust the jib from out on the tramps without the need for the winches, similar to a beach cat.
  2. Here's my take, as the dad of an 11 year old son and someone who also sailed as a kid. I guess it depends on your definition of sailing, as many people on seem to think of sailing as only racing. I grew up sailing, not racing. My parents gave me and my brother a used sunfish, and let us loose. It was the nautical version of getting a new 10 speed bicycle. I sailed across the bay, flipped it in the ship channel with tankers incoming, had cabbage head jellyfish wars with my friends. So I learned to associate sailing with having fun and freedom. Later on came beach cats, then windsurfing,
  3. I have a sprint and also sail where it is rather breezy, often solo. A tiller extension is a definate need, i use a 100” f18 stick. When sailing solo with the jib, i cross sheet from the cabintop winches to the cockpit winches, giving me a sheet close by i can reach while out on the tramp. There are a couple f22’s and atleast 1 sprint with a self tacking jib which ill probably do eventually. The roller boom for reefing the main has been great so far for me, but ive only used it up to about 25mph. My concern with the tiller mod is that its nice having your weight behind the travele
  4. I will be bringing the Sprint back to Corpus Christi Tx. Although I'm sure a roadtrip back to florida sometime is in the cards...
  5. Good deal. I wanted it, but lack of foldability/storage issues caused me to pause. I'm picking up a Corsair Sprint next week, although a bit more coin unfortunately. Let me know how it is if you snagged it, I've always wanted a ride on one. The pics of the Multi 23 flying on just the leeward ama looks awesome.
  6. Not my boat and I do not know the owner, however it seems like a really good deal on this. Please disregard if this post is verboten. http://sailingtexas.com/201701/smulti23103.html
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