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  1. Was there a winner of yesterday’s practice race? Or do they just abandon before finish? Odd there hasn’t been much commentary on the practice racing. Am I missing something?
  2. Despite the fact that the most experienced foiler on the boat called for the other gate in the approach citing safety specifically. TH has no incentive to say in the press conference that they took the wrong mark.
  3. That explains why they were late to gate in, it doesn’t explain why they were so late to the start line.
  4. This is spot on. Before the tack is was yelling at the TV, why on earth take the left mark? Take the right gate, just about lay the finish line and have lots of scope to heat up for speed as needed to dodge the wind holes. Left mark forces you into the boundary and a gybe out to the right anyhow at about 90 degrees across the course making 0 VMG. Although easy to say from the sofa but clearly in retrospect it was the wrong call.
  5. HD widescreen, just in time for the end of the stream! hahaha
  6. Surprising they didn't tack out to take the right for the next big cross? When you're that late.
  7. Agreed it's all squished everyone's lost 30 lbs
  8. Gary Jobson is always good for a laugh.
  9. Is there an international live stream online yet?
  10. I think they would be more concerned with one of the other wheelman in the fleet . The two time Americas Cup winner would be the last one worry about Who hasn't hit the committe boat once in awhile ? There goes your security deposit for the event eh Russel.
  11. I think they would be more concerned with one of the other wheelman in the fleet . The two time Americas Cup winner would be the last one worry about
  12. Renegade is now called Arrow and is sailed out of the Detroit river. There have been a few cold moulded mahogany hulls built over the past few years though and Shadow R58 is being rebuilt that way right now preserving only the lead. She'll be joining our fleet next year. Ace was rebuilt this same way in Seattle and may be joining us next year as well as Lady Van out of Vancouver. The R Class has never been more popular than it is currently and the class has a major presence and a major history on lake Ontario. Also there's no handicapping we sail boat for boat.
  13. Hey Thisbe, I would suggest that the R fleet is a solid growing fleet that races for the Lipton Cup at LYRA every year. We have 4 boats being restored that should be online for next season which will put us at close to 10 boats in the fleet next year. There are 2 solid R's for sale in New England and another up in Nova Scotia. It's about time RCYC and RYC joined in on the fun.
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