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  1. So, to run the sock line through a block, on your sock, the pull-up line and the pull-down line must be distinct? On my, they are continuous. And it seemed to me to be the best/safest option. But I often end up in dangerous postures on the foredeck, so I like the idea of setting a block and pulling from a safe place. Any drawback to the 2 separate pull lines ?
  2. The top 2 slugs on my main (45 sqm) are those: (this one is damaged, the central part that slides in the grove is nearly ripped off, but it lasted 4 seasons) as U can see they are very wide and have some « friction pads » on each angle, so they provide a good support area for the top battens. Prior to those there were normal slugs, the main was a nigthmare to handle. Those solved the problem. I dont know where to get them (the sailmaker neither apparently but that’s another story)
  3. It did NOT work , and this is why it ended in your shop - « hey - could you just cut open those 2 rings, so that I can clip this pole to the mast ? »
  4. Ttks for the data, and it ties with the fact that Al/ bronze assemblies are a standard setup. So I wonder why I see them failing that fast. Anyway. I dont feel like trying SS instead of Bronze. It is pretty clear that it will be at high risk of seizing with corrosion.
  5. Efforts are not enormous. The sail is 450 sqft. The axle diameter is about 3/4 inch.
  6. My main main halyard sheave is 5 years old (came with new mast). This season, it seized (would not rotate anymore when hoisting). I just removed it and the inner bronze sheave is destroyed - crumbled into pieces.. The sheave itself is - I think - some zinc-plated steel (it seems heavier than aluminum). It rotates on the bronze bushing, itself rotating on an StainlessSteel pin, which is inserted in the mast jaws (mast is aluminium). And then, this: my boom attaches to the gooseneck with a SS bolt, which traverses 2 holes in the boom’s aluminium jaws - those holes were getting worn out
  7. My own obituary will read like this: "Farewell to a man who re-created Severin's Brendan voyage, or rather tried, since he didn' t get beyond Iceland, despite sailing a more seaworthy 24ft sloop - thus proving alas nothing, except that great books can truly influence life of other people especially 25 years old young men, for the better." Thank you Tim Severin.
  8. maybe: ideology of small government —> details of how to implement the law are left to lawyers. and this does not help: complex adminstrative structure (fed/state/local) eg, biggest tax code in the world —> necessitates a dedicated industry
  9. Funny, I was going to write that I am happy with my EV100, but then I read MRs Octopus post and she is dead right. Maybe the difference is that I am coming up from even lower expectations (integrated units like ST 2000, or god forbids the notorious Plastimo AT50 probably unknown outside France as it coulnt cross the Atlantic even INSIDE a container ) and the EVo is a progress. I was also factoring in that I am probably dumber than the software and should not cricticize the pilot before I do read and understand the manual, and configure it properly - although I slowly come to realize that ma
  10. Heulo. What are they going to do next ? Tell the Islands wha tot do with banking secrecy ?
  11. edel 33. i wonder why small cats are so rare ?
  12. My sails are made of this XI 09 Cruise. 5th season, still very good shape. I sail a trimaran, Sh or Dh, cruising and « distance » racing. Of course with such a program sails have not been exposed to much heavy weather, except for my my blade jib which I sold to a guy sailing in the carribean, who told me that it was really strong. The taffeta is quite plaesant to handle - not slippery - and seems well resistant to chafe. A detail, but I got the sails in grey color, which I find really better than white (looks good, does not shows stains, and is much easier on the eyes to look at).
  13. Geert, Not sure this helps (directly) but I have seemingly the same problem - except that my pilot is a Raymarine EV 100. In light air (or when motoring)it make incessant and wide corrections, whereas In normal conditions (chop or waves, speed > 4kts), it corrects every 20 secs or so, as I expect. Drives me nuts, and it sounds like the pilot will safe-destroy ! My diagnosis at this point is that the pilot reacts to very minute heel movements. I sail a trimaran, and on completely flat sea and very light wind,, the boat is balanced - litterally - on the main hull, so it keep
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