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  1. No doubt that Melwin and Kristian were in their right to continue, as skippers, and it is normal that they get their finish. This being said, the controversy is legitimate … as mentioned, there was a precedent, in 1993 same circumstances (Biscay, but much bigger blow). Organizers asked the fleet to shelter, but still 6 boats were abandonned, 1 skipper lost. Thierry Dubois did not hear the calls and finished first. The suspicion that this was deliberate always stuck, but also he got respect from what he got through. But apart from “unfairness” sportmanship question, there is a collective
  2. Kudos as well to 719 Piers Copham, he continued saililng (got hit the hardest at Cap Finisterre it seems - probably much harsher conditions than Melvin Finck). Well done. He was quite behind, so he is still only 12 in proto, which is a meagre reward for his tenacity, but I hope he now enjoys his reach - and gets his payback...
  3. Well, from what I see on the tracker, he is right now in the thick of it. And in 3 hours he should get a nice West shift, if he is in operating condition, he should be able to move on to Canaries. I would HATE sitting in Camariñas (or wherever) and seeing this happening - the youngest gets away with it - is he a lucky ignorant, or a genius revealed before our eyes ? Meanwhile Kick, the oldest competitor, gets …kicked … back … and ends in Ribadeo (?), erasing hard-gained miles. That sucks, I really feel for him. Older and last. Aïe. Greek tragedy.
  4. I dont think there is any time dispensation, if 920 arrives first (in Séries), he wins the first stage. yes a mini can take 50 kts, but you want sea-room. Plus, off this coast the sea state will be bad, I assume.
  5. it seems now that ALL the fleet - except the 4 leaders - is heading for shelter - bar maybe this young German guy ? In 1993 or so Thierry Dubois did the same - ignored the calls to head for safety and ended first in his class. Hope for #920 it works - he has a bad strech of lee coast ahead of him, nothing to shelter before Peniche I think…
  6. In this situation I more or less succeed by: pre set my helm angle walk my boat forward on the slip, and tie it with a (doubled) midhsip line that is going round the cleat which is at the end of the slip (the bowline is removed) get engine in gear, idle release stern line, stern starts to pivot jump on the dock, midship walk the boat forward, trying to keep the bow from blowing away let go of the midship line, jump aboard (or vice versa) gas on (I need to do a sharp turn, and I have a daggerboard, so I need speed…) There is also a varian
  7. ice vid, thks. I am surprised at the amount of hand-steering they do. Of course they are highly skilled, so they might drive better than the auto would, but still…
  8. David Reard design here, 39ft. https://www.mediareard.com/monocoques/one-off/2014-12-09-08-11-52#gallery5ba6d03d82-3 He is rather into performance boats, so I suppose that this solution didnt come without good consideration. According to his comments, this answers to the classic centerboard cruiser requirements (OVNiS, etc) but the shallow keel is much more efficient than an all-interior ballast (righting moment).
  9. did J-Boats entered the contest ? if not they might have an answer for you …
  10. from the NYC race log: “6/17 The rain/thunder stroms went north and south of us so we had a sunny day with winds out of the southwest 16 to 20 kts. … Not long after (the start) we heard Bermuda Radio hail Dragon, Gryphon Solo and Kiwi Spirit 2 that they were heading toward the reaf and to turn east, now. Dragon actually went over the reef. Sounds like a change to the SIs is called for in 2023.” Not visible on the tracker. At the speed they were probably going, its fortunate noboby hit.
  11. 1) About the STC “diminishing their brand” by canceling the race: I think on the contrary, they acted as people who know what adverse weather is. For instance, I think that comments above in this thread on hypothermia are spot on. 2) Yes, Mrs Riley did the right thing sending her boats, in still manageable conditions, to train the crews. Right move indeed, in controlled conditions that were nothing like round BI on early Sat. morning. Please note, she took the care of telling us that the crews were happy to go back to shore when the exercise was done. 3) Regarding how the ra
  12. I have a tricolor signal mate, since 5 years, no complaints. I has a top window that illuminates the windvane, super-useful. the flat disks type are probably marginally lower profiles.
  13. hmmmm - not sure if I am reading this correclty, but: according to your “Alleged wind direction”, on port tack you sail upwind at what ... 20 degrees from real wind ? Pretty good, indeed. Then, surprise - on starboard, you sail upwind at something like, 80 degs ? I understand that you are disappointed. If I were you, I would be happy that I sail more or less square tacks (100 degs ?). Assuming you want to elucidate this mystery, may I suggest that you analyze your tracks with: the “true” wind direction as the average of the port/strbd headings (BTW this is what
  14. the Etienne Bertrand design ? seems too cruisy.
  15. I would suggest, make sure you try a catamaran before you decide anything.
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