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  1. Evolution and dinosaurs and “We”, yeah I’ll just leave this here to lighten up your day:
  2. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice…
  3. Word. Better all around than a pickup by far IMHO. BTDT, now on my 3rd Expedition after going the pickup route for a short while 20 years ago. My current ride is the first long one I’ve had and yeah, 4x8’s lay right in there no problem. Versatility plus.
  4. There was a study done on this by Harvard med or similar institution quite a while back, yep researchers found that 16-20 minutes is best for a quick nap to recharge. Anything longer and you end up feeling as sluggish or worse than before. It’s worked well for me since finding this out, YMMV.
  5. If you believe in coincidence you’re just not paying attention.
  6. Wanted: Skanky Woman For Bicycle Rides - $1 (Fruitport/Spring Lake) condition: good size / dimensions: HWP/FWB/NSA WANTED: Skanky woman for occasional bicycle rides. Must know the trails well in the area. 55+ years old with a good rack and HWP. Must have a well maintained and lubed bicycle for long distance treks. HMU, if interested. Have a great day. EDIT: apologies, I thought this was Bicycle Anarchy.
  7. Quite the list of infractions, apparently she also feels that she doesn’t need to appear for court hearings:
  8. Almost, Snags…similar clip but there’s something missing, something on her mind… (Damn I can’t get the one I have to work when posted here. Ah well.)
  9. Gina concurs. EDIT: dah, shitty gif not working…never mind.
  10. I have huge respect for Ali and how he did his best to stand against injustice, especially when it affected those with brown skin. He also had a soft heart and an appreciation for “the common man”, when he’d be at his place in Berrien Springs he’d occasionally go down to the local Tastee Freeze on summer nights and buy everyone there ice cream. Hang out and talk with the folks, tell jokes, just be a regular guy out of the spotlight for a while; one of the things he enjoyed most about Berrien is it was an escape of sorts, apparently the press etc rarely followed him there. My neighbor across th
  11. Don’t get ahead of yourself, they haven’t gotten 3 started yet.
  12. The commercial stuff for public pools is pretty sweet, the system at the big aquatic center in town is impressive.
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