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  1. Hope we'll see you this summer if we can ger covid to bugger off. I'll take you for a midweek sail but please leave your nuts in. Theres a few rules about that.
  2. Nah you'll never get an Hobartisn agree. Eastern shore has endless sunshine, Tassie has the best beer and wine in the world and a massive harbour with plenty of water. All YC are within staggering distance of good restaurants and club memberships are relatively cheap. We have the best water to sail.in but I have to admit we dont use it as well as we should.
  3. I think AS were offering a 50% discount for some clubs for ORCc for the first year in Vic. DSS in Hobart are doing something but I think its a sponsorship arrangement and only for their members. Its kinda confirms that IRC is a bit pricy compared to AMS and ORCc which are producing good results.
  4. No for me. Too old, and gone soft. Haven't had a swim in the Derwent for 20 years and not about to start again now. Also SB's don't have a fridge, but if you start sailing on a SB maybe you can find a spot for me.
  5. Me too. Don't have time for a full weekend of racing and we'd hoped there would be more PM races and sometimes a short race followed by a lap around the cans. Would make the trip for the start boat a bit more worthwhile and give a bit of variety and an extra scoreable race. Instead the CC series got an extra long race, no short races and if you count an island a mark, we've had 7 roundings and 1 gybe over the first three races. No one is saying we have to have W/L but we do need more PM races and a lot more corners. We want to race, not cruise in company. We're pretty well done with the CC pe
  6. Can't think of enough words that describe my respect for Peter Campbell. Hobart presence in sailing soared when PC came here. A genuine and sincere gentleman who will be missed. Vale Peter Campbell
  7. ... now that's something I'd like to see. Not sure some of the DSS people would be very happy to see that, but you could still hangout with DSS members who now drink at the RYCT and the Dr Syntax pub thesedays. Think of it as a home away from home It's actually quite sad that someone @ DSS couldn't stump up a ride. Plenty of SB's in the car park and GRS has done plenty for the club and the resident Naval architect. Maybe its time to buy one yourself. You could the legitimately bag AS as an owner then.
  8. I believe they are talking to Kettering YC. At least that what one of the DSS members told me.
  9. I didn't plan to drag this thread into an AMS vs IRC debate. I was merely pointing out that owners associations have a role in driving what owners want and the AMS example was to illustrate that when the owners are driving the bus they get a better result. We need to do more of this than this rather than bitch. I'm sure any sailing committee would highly regard a direction gained by consensus of owners rather than second guess. As I said before both rules co-exist very well in Hobart. It is, and has to be the owners choice so let them decide what the value proposition is. It was handy and
  10. We had an owners association after RATS in Hobart up until 2008. It was well attended with just about all of the 20 or so owners going to the RYCT a couple of times per year. In those days AS had the offshore keelboat policy committee, chaired by David Kellett. Each state sent a delegate to discuss ratings, venues for Nationals and it was terrific to have naval architects like Don Jones, Andy Dovell and Malcolm Runnalls advise on technical issues. We could get our issues on the agenda and the governing body got a good idea about what was happening in each state. The upshot was information was
  11. Getting back to regattas.... and giving owners what they want have a look at the entry list for Bellerive Yacht Clubs Crown series entries. Currently ... Div 1 ( 7 Windward Leeward/ Olympic style courses) around 10 or so entries. Performance Cruising (around the cans) around 30 entries. The interesting thing is entries includes Melges 32, Farr 40, and 30 foot new-build canting keel. Seems to me that all clubs need to get the owners in the room and understand what the owners need to invest their time and money. For me I like shorter courses and plenty of work for the cr
  12. Maybe... I think Snoopy would be honored to be called a "peasant" though.
  13. "No one cares about the IRC championships except the big money elite and they don't care if the peasants in Tassie don't enter their Mumm 36's and whatever else races down that way" Looks like the locals have had a last minute charge. 32 boats now. A nice sized fleet with a few more to come maybe. Not sure if you have to be a "peasant" to own a mumm36. I've been called worse and it may be true of me, but the others are pretty decent guys...... Jeff
  14. I was wondering that too. Does ORCclub need a hull offset file for the VPP? ORCinternational needs it to calculate stability but I would assume if you have one it would be handy for a VPP. If it doesn't it has about the same inputs as IRC or AMS. At the end of the day the hull is described by LOA, waterline length, beam and draft and maybe a guess on hull form based on vintage. Its hardly an exact science. Maybe, to improve performance we'd get better bang for our buck if we spend our $$'s on a sailing coach. Had a look at kiwi PHRF. Looks to me that they use IRC as the foundation but can
  15. Reckon ORC club will be the offering. I see its available on the AS website $90.
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