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  1. Very interesting info...thx.
  2. Yes, the exhaust hose should arc up high enough that it is never below the heeled waterline. The idea is to prevent flooding the engine when shutdown. The waterlock mufflers are not intended to prevent that type of flooding. A one-way (backflow) valve seems unreliable in many ways. Perhaps a mechanic's wet dream.
  3. Are you sure you understand that plumbing correctly? Normally the cooling seawater exits the heat exchanger and goes directly to the injection elbow. Sometimes there is vacuum breaker. My vacuum breaker is mounted some distance away. Could be confusing. Sometimes a tee exists to inject a tiny bit of water into the prop shaft seal. After the injection elbow the wet exhaust may flow to a water-lock or muffler or lift device. Or some combination. Yes it can be used to trap the backflow after shutdown. Some are intended to gather the water and burp it out, like a pump. Most muffle the noise.
  4. Bcuz gangsters know what they themselves are. These douchebags want to be members of polite society.
  5. So back to normal...the opium trade.
  6. That would be clever. Or how about next time we try foreign aid. This war cost US$50,000 per Afghani. 100 years wages each. Oh yeah...Raytheon wouldn't get any. Nevermind.
  7. Progressive seemed very willing when I needed a policy only to satisfy liabilities (like marina lease). No survey either. Your small boat should be able to ride on a homeowner policy. Check that first.
  8. Curing cancer is possible...but not the sure-thing like Trump's promise to make the wealthy even wealthier.
  9. Some kind of 9/11 PR stunt for Biden? Should have withdrawn on Inauguration Day. All the facts are known. No study needed. Military can be out in hours. Afghanistan "government" is going to fall to the Taliban without regard to when the US surrenders the several hundred acres they control. 100% certain.
  10. A corroded connection would be the most common fault. Voltage across the corroded connection can confuse the controller because the controller expects to "see" the battery (or system) voltage but instead sees the battery voltage plus the voltage across the corroded connection. Such connections can become warm (or smoke!). Heat can cause the connection to be intermittent or vary in voltage. Important to know that the bad connection can be in either the (+) or (-) wiring. A voltage reading from end-to-end of a boat power connection should be well below 1 V (1000 mV). The voltage is dependent on
  11. Okay. 20mV would tend to confirm that your connections are good. Leaving (perhaps) only internal faults in the batteries or controller. Or some normal, but yet unknown, controller characteristic.
  12. The connection fault test I described was a Voltage test. Not current. Current readings in that test would be difficult to interpret. (And dangerous for the meter shunt too.)
  13. Yes. Customer Service to learn if such behavior is normal. Otherwise I'd suspect bad connections. Can be useful to measure voltage from battery terminal to charger output, for example, to check all the connections between the two*. Both + and - cabling. May require lead extensions. Should be millivolts...depending on wire size and current. * One voltage meter lead on (+) battery terminal, other on charger (+) output terminal. Repeat for (-) terminals.
  14. The output of the Victron? As indicated by the Victron? Or by a meter...with the probes where?
  15. Do the righties abandon their originalist dogma when it comes to arms?
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