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  1. Yes, aluminum drums. And monster grinders. I'm a big guy. I have spoiled drum teeth in medium sized winches. The teeth didn't actually fail, but all became bent over.
  2. It is only going to be an issue when cranked at max force in low speed. The issue is the drum warps a little bit. The drive gear disengages a small amount. The alloy teeth on the drum get damaged. Is that apt to happen? Probably only with the largest genoa in a big breeze. Maybe with a spinnaker afterguy in a spectacular crash.
  3. Yes, it weathers remarkably fast. Almost like teak...
  4. Are people having to move their toilet paper supplies to the attic to make room for the gasoline?
  5. I think the gasoline shortage is a hoax. And then I see the water where fill your tank in a minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by using water in the car or almost any liquid? So it'd be interesting to check that. I'm not a scientist. But I'm, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.
  6. The softer parts of the grain weather do weather away. But it is a slow process. Bare is better than failing varnish. Bare does not seem to get the black fungus from trapped moisture. Looks unkempt. Or less like a yacht, more like a barn.
  7. Oil is even less durable and more trouble than varnish. Turns dirty dark then rubs off on clothing. Never is it "bright". Varnish overcoated with gloss black paint. That is what I did. Looks great. The teak is under the paint, safe and perfectly preserved for whichever loser wants to start refinishing it twice a year. Black is the best match for stainless and all the generally black or gray fittings.
  8. That is our feeling exactly: You talking in the kitchen about things you cannot understand.
  9. Triggered much? I'm not making any personal attacks like your posts. Only calmly offering my opinion. One TikTok asparagus farmer thinks the border wall needs to be more welcoming. My guess is they didn't recently vote that way. Other rentiers seem to think the government should doing more vocational training to assure cheap labor. My guess is they didn't recently vote that way. Whatever does your marina operator friend do when fuel prices jump? Eat the difference or adjust the pump? Same thing, no?
  10. Wait...let me check the old talking points advice to starving employees: Better yourselves. Get a valuable skill. Bootstraps. Any others profit making advice to our beleaguered marina operator?
  11. I'm not angry. Almost laughing. Interesting how the capitalist class gets ruffled when they experience competition. This upheaval may provide a nice cleaning-out of all the capitalist slackers who have been lulled into complacency by the mountains of disposable income in the upper classes. WTF - Raise the marina rates. Sell it to someone who will. Find a new job. Whatever.
  12. Fuck 'em. This is how the weak are filtered out. Capitalist Darwinism. The wealthy shrug when it happens to the worker...crocodile tears when it hurts the quarterly results. Normally happens in recessions, but wage inflation seems to work too. Also demonstrates a failure of conservatism in their reluctance to accept change.
  13. Yup. A while back some fleet of rowers left from here for a trans-pacific rowing thing. The distinguishing feature of all the rowing craft was extreme windage. Laughable. They had almost re-invented the Spanish Galleons. Pack enough food and water...simply snooze the whole way to Hawaii. Fuck rowing.
  14. We learning that these brilliant entrepreneurs and business mavens are not any smarter than average? He has seen rising wages for two years, you write, yet did nothing? Saw the minimum wage controversy and the election of a pro-labor politicians yet did nothing? The marina is full yet the rents was not raised? Why would this businessman prefer to screw workers rather than make the tenants with disposable income pay a fair and profitable rate? Plus, one professional-level worker with fair compensation can likely do the work of 3 disinterested underpaid disillusioned serfs. Time for al
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