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  1. When I was drinking with Dashew in Las Hadas he said it went "18 knots all the time." So, unless the liquor was talking, the polar is just a circle at 18 kts.
  2. Yes, mid-boom sheeting introduces a bending moment where end-boom load is entirely compression. Presumably, rig designers take this into account. I think for a cruiser the advantages of safety and clearing the cockpit make the cabintop traveler and mid-boom sheeting very much preferable. Cruisers can easily perform chicken gybes or extra reefs...and I regularly do if the wind is up. Otherwise, taking the time and effort to winch the boom to centerline while DDW is standard procedure. The bridge deck traveler is an abomination best left to certain race boats where it might have some advant
  3. Pointless. Stick to water or juice. I water my juices down if drinking more than one (sometimes with vodka or hooch rather than water). The sugar in drinks, especially in candy-ass NA stuff, is a bad thing.
  4. I have strong immunity to sea sickness. Like never happens. But only because I do not tempt it by doing things like watching bilge water slosh.
  5. Low latency with low gain will beat high latency and the then unavoidable high gain every time. You see this in A/P’s that always seem to be driving in Panic Mode. Better to react promptly but conservatively to some sensor noise than add latency (like by smoothing) and then have to over-react. If 10 Hz seems like a good reaction period then I’d plan on a latency of 10 ms. Aren’t there at least two separate servo loops in an A/P? One for heading and one for rudder position? Might be a third for course or track?
  6. Yes, it would suck. And it would likely be far worse than a one-second delay. Probably be a surprise if all the latencies were identified and summed. Every step has a latency. The fluxgate compass is only checked so often and even its principle of operation involves delay as the phase change rotates around the coils. The smoothing operations (often dubious, so loved by hackers) also cause a phase shift as the system waits for new values. Communication of data along wires also delays, especially at 1950-era 4800 baud. The time from the sender's first character to the receiver decoding the last
  7. That chart is based on income. Not wealth. Makes a huge difference. Congressional lobbyist’s and tax accounting magic. If only the lower classes could compete with the rigged system.
  8. What is the candyass thinking that if one needs a truck they must buy loaded dent-free waxed luxury??? $50K is crazy. Like I said my Ford F-250 was $4500 plus a few cheap fixes. It is as good as the day it rolled off the lot new: i.e. a piece-of-shit Ford truck. Even with $10 gasoline and the horrendously bad mileage I’ll never get to $50K. The A/C even works for the comfort of the snowflakes. Need a truck? Get a truck. Takes a morning and a few dollars. It not like you are buying a sailboat or something important. Sheesh.
  9. I think the INS only knows the accelerations. Speed and direction are computed from that. Included in the INS data are earth rotation, orbit, moon, sun, etc. That is the problem with initializing them. An aircraft must stop on the tarmac. Cannot be updated underway unless all other motions are known. Inertial reference frame…. Subs are very good at hiding. Everything else, navigating, communicating, searching, not so much.
  10. Y'all would be much more successful with your schematics, and less Ibuprofin for me, if you drew them smarter. Positive busses horizontal along the top. Negative (ground?) busses horizontal along the bottom. Current sources and loads vertical between the two. These are more like wiring diagrams, which don't inform about design failures (smoke and flame).
  11. Was likely common back in Cold War days to bump Soviet subs in the endless cat and mouse games. Would never be reported of course as neither navy would want anyone to know their sub was “found”. I suppose if someone is hurt in the modern FB-centric navy there is no way to keep it a secret, so…
  12. Strong signal is not the same as a good reliable signal. Whomever told you that nearby metal, or metal above, is not an issue is not being honest. Metal like that would be a perfectly good reason for poor performance. I’d try for nothing above and a foot all around. With my Iridium handset I found little difference between the remote antenna and holding the handset with antenna vertical seated below. Sailmail GRIB downloads were about 90 percent successful. When one failed I simply tried a few minutes later.
  13. Hard to believe that that is a good antenna installation for the 18 cm Iridium band. I'd keep all metal much further away, and below, such an antenna.
  14. Yeah, nobody could have predicted that leaves and rain might fall on a truck. Or rodents might look for a cozy nook. :-/
  15. Economically the smart way to do this is almost never done. Probably because the whole premise of sailing is irrational. Smartest would be to not buy any boat now. Find a way to take sailing and boat handling lessons on somebody else's boat. Then wait until you are fully ready to go cruising. Saving your money by not paying for storage and maintenance. Then about a month before departing on your cruise buy a boat that is mostly ready to go. Settle the last details and just go. (Yeah, I know...I'll let myself out.)
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